Saturday, November 12, 2011

Outfit Confession..

  Today I m not in a mood to write much.. So.. let the pictures do the talking..

it was one of those days when you cant decide what to wear.. n out of everything.. I picked the brown jacket n the pink blouse .. now these two come a long way.. they hv been laying in Closet from last 2-3 yrs( n not even worn once).. they remind me of my gone old graduation days..( not that m old now.. m doing my masters.. FYI *_^ )

I am wearing-- Jacket& Blouse-Delhi to London, Denim- Bangkok, shoes-Kins/Venus steps, Watch - Aldo, Bag- NUN, Shades- Ray Ban, Ring-Shaily from Delhi( my own label)

Makeup- Peach blush -Inglot, Lipstick-Coral- Bourjois Paris, n moisturizer- Gojhnson's Baby lotion..

thats that divassss......!!!!!!

till my next post do it as Coco Chanel-"I don't do Fashion .. I am Fashion.."

                                                xoxo- Shaily


  1. Very Cute and chic!

    Do visit my blog


  2. HI Shaily,
    I liked your blog a lot but there's one request. Could you please change the background. With this background it's not very possible to read what you've written and needs laying too much stress on the eye. Otherwise it's a super blog.

    Would you mind following each other???


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