Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays!

When we( Surbhi and I) were shooting for this post, I had very little idea that I'll share it now. And rite now seems like the perfect time, during this time of the year everyone is the festive mood, everyday is a celebration and there is a party at every nook and corner. But I don't need a party to celebrate, I can have just as much fun over a glass of wine with a friend. In these pictures I am just doing that.

This shoot wasn't planned, so the outfit is quiet simple, understated and relaxed. I wore this to a spa session, and just before heading out Surbhi and I did this impromptu shoot on her terrace. While I was sipping white wine, she was behind the lens, capturing moments. Isn't she an amazing photographer? I love her aesthetic sense and understanding of composition.

Anyway, are we in the mood to celebrate? Because I totally am..Do share your plans for this holiday season, I'd love to know *__*

About the Outfit:
Scarf: Mom/ Jumper: Zara/ Jeggings: Zara/ Tan Boots: Wills Lifestyle/  Tan Bag: Forever21/
Earrings: MawiXKoovs 

Merry Christmas & Happy New year to all the readers of Confessionz of a closet. 

Photography Credits: Surbhi Suri of TheFashionflite

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jump-Suiting with Noble Faith Clothing

I believe in- when in doubt, wear black. As a result- I have more black in my wardrobe than any other color. It's such a powerful color and I am wearing black almost every other day this season. Color says a lot about a person. They can instantly change the mood and the way one feels. Black does that for me, it's my color. It's is one color which has been ruling the fashion scene since forever. Color of the season keeps changing every season, but black has been there, steady as a rock. When I had to chose a garment from Noble Faith Clothing, for this collaboration, I chose an off-shoulder jumpsuit in black. It's such a fun piece of garment, edgy and young at the same time. To suit my personal style, I added this  colorful crop jacket, which added just the rite amount of drama to the look. 

I created this fuss free go to look for any occasion, keeping in mind the weather and festive season. I am a fan of layering, it can make an otherwise dull outfit look polished, hides all the flaws, accentuate curves and gives structure to the body. Both the pieces in this look are so versatile, and can be styled separately as well. Such a win-win, rite?

NobleFaith is a clothing label by Dolly Sidhwani & exclusively retails at , so don't forget to check their collection and if you shop something from their collection, then do share a picture & don't forget to tag me :)

My Outfit Details:
Black Jumpsuit: c/o Noble Faith ( available here )
Multi-colored jacket: c/o Noble Faith ( available here )
Shoes: c/o Clarks 
Necklace: Zara
Skull Ring: MawiXKoovs
Bag: Borrowed from a Friend

Photography Credits: Surbhi Suri of TheFashionflite

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Style Edition: Fashion Trends That Need to Die in 2015

First, the disclaimer: Not every trend that you see on this list is inherently "bad." I like some of them, I really do. Unfortunately, everyone- from street-style stars around the world to the actresses and the fashionista sitting next to me in the salon- has been wearing them. I'd like to see something else in 2015, something fresh that we all are going to over-do to death and bury as we move forward to the next fashion year. But before that happens, let's remember all the trends that we trespassed in 2014 and mourn in silence for a minute, because they made as Fashionable to the T.

It's time to bid adieu to the following fashion trends, till they plan to reappear in the future sometime..

  1. Culottes: I am not a pirate, PERIOD. Okay! No kidding. These high fashion gaucho pants were seen almost everywhere. The really made it to the 'IT Trend of 2014', but sadly for me  they were too popular for liking. It's striking and recognizable silhouette, and the fact they were seen everywhere are enough reasons for it to rest during the next fashion year.
  2. Poufy Midi Skirt: These reminded us of the 50's and the ballet dancers. I personally find them very costume(y), and tricky to style. But we can still do midis sans the tulle, gathered seams and unflattering box pleats around the waist. 
  3. Ear Jewellery: After midi-rings fad slipped on faster than one could say "Midi", this year, the most popular accessory was the ear cuff. From aggressive metal ones to the explosion of candy-crush-saga when they were the jewelled kind, ear cuffs seem to be sliding on everyone's ear lobe. The second earlobe is itching of attention and it's time we give studs a try. I sincerely miss the days when statement necklaces were the coolest thing ever.. let's layer em up!
  4. The Expensive Sneakers : Gone are the days when sneakers were just meant for walking or running. With Sports luxe becoming a major trend, sneakers seemed to be everywhere in 2014. I totally get why people shell out for gold hardware Python CĂ©line slip-ons, but I don't get the point behind buying Adidas, Nike and Vans with marginally better materials, and an astronomically more expensive price tag. Why? 
  5. The Normcore : The sudden attraction towards a pair of distressed acid wash denim, Birkenstock or the lose white T-shirt during the last year was understandable. We all needed a break and street-style came to our rescue. But wearing all the normcore staples together looks more lazy and less fashion.
  6. The Kardashian/JennerSignature look: Let's give them a break and not break the internet doing what they do! The body hugging Nudes and lip injections are done to death. At this point, it kind of feels like watching the same episode of the reality series starring the family. 
  7. Side Cutouts: Below the waist, above the waist, under-bust or below the back zips, we saw clothing labels have put them in all the fishy places. let's just say, 'been there, done that.'
  8. Temporary Metallic Tattoos: I am already tired of these cool tattoos. They somehow reached everywhere so fast. What about jewellery that you can actually wear and take off without using a scrub brush or baby oil.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

My Instagram Diary: "December so far"

Happy holidays!!

With half the December gone past, I was looking at my Instagram feed, and realized that the last couple of days were busy, sweet, some new beginnings, some good days and some not so good, but overall I've had the best time so far..So, here I am sharing some moments from my Instagram diary( hope you guys are following me there :).

Each picture has it's own story. I'll try and describe each of them( with their original caption). So, here you go..

The last month of  2014 started with this..
Last month of the year! Write a beautiful ending for 2014, create a beautiful beginning for 2015.

And then my wandering mind came up with this while I was on my way to meet my girls.
Time for #SkinDetox #NoMakeupDecember on#ConfessionzofacCloset | let's try and go as natural at possible.. Nothing but skincare products, Kajal/kohl and Chapstick/tinted lip-balms. 

When I attended a wedding sans make-up, because it's #NoMakeupDecember 
#NoMakeupDecember this is how I attended a wedding., #NoMakeup only Kajal and tinted lip balm. Just applied lots of moisturiser and eye cream !!
When I stole my Mom's Kashmiri shawl for a nail spa date with my girls.
Stole Mom's shawl today! On my way to the nail spa with my girls @pupulpachauri and @surbeesuri #NomakeupDecember #Selfie

Work mode: When I wore my favourite Fall staples to work. There is never a dull day in the life of a stylist.

Dinner with the fam-bam at the Roshnara Club, New Delhi. Dinners here are more like family tradition. No celebration is complete without dinning here. Have celebrated a lot of big days here, including my own birthdays. This place and this dinning hall will always hold a special place in my heart for all the special reasons. Anybody been here?? 
Empty tables.. #RoshnaraClub #FamilyDinner

The day I fell in love.. If you guys are following me on Instagram, twitter and facebook then you'd know that I am head over heels in love with MAWI X KOOVS collection. I already own 5 pieces from this capsule collection and 3 are on their way.. A lot of people(read my best friend) think that I am a hoarder and have gone crazy buying pieces from this collection. I my defence I have to say,  'it's a MAWI piece that you own at the end of the day, and to be honest.. at the moment I cannot afford  anything from from her own line. So, I am stocking up her pieces from Koovs which are as good as her own label's and easy on my pocket.' *__^
Shop MAWI X KOOVS collection Here
Morning cuppa coffee and baubles from @koovsfashion #Mawixkoovs 

When I went for a food tasting session at Shiv Sagar, Janpath, New Delhi. A very dear friend co-owns this place and I cannot thank him enough for getting Mumbai street food to the city.. All the Pav-bhaji and Vada-pav lovers can thank god, but beware of the waiting you guys. Always book a table. You'll also love the interiors..
We went, We ate and we cannot wait to go back! Love#ShivSagarDelhi's food so much that I cannot wait to go back again for their #Vadapav #paobhaji#pineapplejuice #chineseidli, also looking forward to try their other delicacies!! Follow their official fb page Here

Finally met someone who loves to pout and pouts to click, just like me. With Aanchal Sukhija, the better half of DelhiStyleBlog at Loreal Paris hair-dressing award, Delhi. Also, look how I am flaunting my MAWI X KOOVS jewellery. 
Bathroom #Selfie with @aanchalsukhija of#delhistyleblog. Do you guys like her headgear? I think it's super rad. Follow her account for more updates on#Dramebaz, #DelhiStyleBlog's accessory line.

What I wore for the Loreal Hairdressing awards at The Taj Palace, Delhi. 
My #OOTD for #LorealParis Hairdressing Awards Night, yesterday. 

A very special collaboration with Daniel Wellington watches to bring my readers an opportunity to avail discount this festive season by using the discount code mentioned below.. Shop DW watches Here
Time to say, "Thank You" with#DanielWellingtonWatches ! All the blog and Instagram followers of #confessionzofacloset can now avail 15% discount on their purchase by using discount code 'Shaily' during checkout till 31st Dec 2014. Thanks! XO#MerryChristmas #HappyHolidays
With my girls at Fashion and you's party on a friday night and still sticking to #NoMakeupDecember 
with my girls at @fashionandyou's Party! @bhawna171985 @pupulpachauri #Selfie #fashionblogger #blogger #infb #delhidiaries#delhibloggers#fashionpeople#fashionevent#girlsjustwannahavefun#love#lovethem#fashion#moda#fashionandyou

Latest blog post. When I collaborated with Clarks India.

Did you guys miss the new #OOTD post "#MyShoeDiarywithClarks" read Here. 

Life is..
#thoughtoftheday #paulocoelho #adultery #truth #life #decisions

After some melodrama and realization, life became colourful when I came across this..
Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn star in #Burberry's #SpringSummer15Ad campaign. #supermodels #fashion #luxury #artoftrench#fashionblogger#indianfashionblogger #instacofd #naomicampbel 

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My Shoe Diary with Clarks India

Last week, when I had to go out for a day of event and meetings, I chose my new pair of Clarks boots in style 'Movie Retro Black' for the day. I am all about comfort and nothing says 'comfort' better than a comfortable pair of boots. These bad boys are a perfect amalgam of chic, style and comfort. I cannot get my feet off from these since the day lovely people at Clarks sent them across. I am a size 7 in shoes, but I could fit into their size 6, which is an amazing feeling for someone with Zombie feet. ( no pun intended)

My day started with an early morning styling meeting over breakfast, followed by attending a press conference of an apparel label and the latter part of the day had me sitting in one meeting after another for the blog with multiple cups of coffee to keep me going. I chose my outfit keeping comfort and my personal style in mind. To avoid travel, I kept all my meetings in the same hotel I had to attend that press con, it is so much convenient like that. On my way out of the hotel I stopped by their in-house bakery to grab a bite.. 

Because I  have been literally living in these comfy Clarks boots lately, I decided to style my outfit around them. I wore a maxi dress keeping in mind all the running around and sitting I'd be doing throughout the day, threw a leather jacket over it to match my boots and layered two necklaces with grey and blue accents to match my bag and outfit. I kept changing  my look by zipping my leather jacket up and down, totally depending upon the meeting I was sitting for. But for the fashion event I went with my leather jacket's zipper open with my necklaces showing. 

Here's a picture heavy shoe diary from that day of my Clarks India boots. 

This was pretty much my look for all the meetings that day. My leather jacket slightly zipped up, layered necklaces playing peek-a-boo and knotted hem from one side of the dress to make sure my Clarks babies are visible. 

aren't they gorgeous ?? 
 Take a closer look at these 'Movie Retro Black' booties from Clarks  
It's almost time for the fashion event. This is me getting ready, zipping up my Clarks boots.

Making sure my efforts at layering necklaces do not go unnoticed.

Some last minute adjustments just before heading in the conference room.

Post event co-ordinations over the phone for latter meetings..

Moments before I got into series of blog meetings #NoMakeupDecember  

Just before finishing a long day at the hotel I decided to grab a bit at this beautiful bakery, couldn't resist the smell of freshly baked bread.. 

Outfit Details:
Dress/Bag/Blue Rhinestone Necklace: Forever 21 India
Leather Jacket: ONLY India
Movie Retro Boots c/o  Clarks India
Photography Credits: My dear friend Surbhi Suri of TheFashionFlite

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