Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My Shoe Diary with Clarks India

Last week, when I had to go out for a day of event and meetings, I chose my new pair of Clarks boots in style 'Movie Retro Black' for the day. I am all about comfort and nothing says 'comfort' better than a comfortable pair of boots. These bad boys are a perfect amalgam of chic, style and comfort. I cannot get my feet off from these since the day lovely people at Clarks sent them across. I am a size 7 in shoes, but I could fit into their size 6, which is an amazing feeling for someone with Zombie feet. ( no pun intended)

My day started with an early morning styling meeting over breakfast, followed by attending a press conference of an apparel label and the latter part of the day had me sitting in one meeting after another for the blog with multiple cups of coffee to keep me going. I chose my outfit keeping comfort and my personal style in mind. To avoid travel, I kept all my meetings in the same hotel I had to attend that press con, it is so much convenient like that. On my way out of the hotel I stopped by their in-house bakery to grab a bite.. 

Because I  have been literally living in these comfy Clarks boots lately, I decided to style my outfit around them. I wore a maxi dress keeping in mind all the running around and sitting I'd be doing throughout the day, threw a leather jacket over it to match my boots and layered two necklaces with grey and blue accents to match my bag and outfit. I kept changing  my look by zipping my leather jacket up and down, totally depending upon the meeting I was sitting for. But for the fashion event I went with my leather jacket's zipper open with my necklaces showing. 

Here's a picture heavy shoe diary from that day of my Clarks India boots. 

This was pretty much my look for all the meetings that day. My leather jacket slightly zipped up, layered necklaces playing peek-a-boo and knotted hem from one side of the dress to make sure my Clarks babies are visible. 

aren't they gorgeous ?? 
 Take a closer look at these 'Movie Retro Black' booties from Clarks  
It's almost time for the fashion event. This is me getting ready, zipping up my Clarks boots.

Making sure my efforts at layering necklaces do not go unnoticed.

Some last minute adjustments just before heading in the conference room.

Post event co-ordinations over the phone for latter meetings..

Moments before I got into series of blog meetings #NoMakeupDecember  

Just before finishing a long day at the hotel I decided to grab a bit at this beautiful bakery, couldn't resist the smell of freshly baked bread.. 

Outfit Details:
Dress/Bag/Blue Rhinestone Necklace: Forever 21 India
Leather Jacket: ONLY India
Movie Retro Boots c/o  Clarks India
Photography Credits: My dear friend Surbhi Suri of TheFashionFlite

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