Wednesday, March 26, 2014


"Like One"
Like One, like the other,
Like Daughter,
Like Mother.

This is not another fashion post, but I am sure a lot of you would relate, so though of sharing..
lately, I have been majorly focusing on interesting insights on Indian and Global fashion scene on the blog. This got me thinking that it's the best time take a U-turn, back to the real essence of the blog because I miss sharing my personal fashion posts/OOTDs, tips and tricks from my closet, so here I am..

For all the young girls their mothers are their first fashion-icon, I have preached my mom growing-up for her amazing sense of personal style and fashion choices. And I also believe that mom's closet is the best rescue when in doubt. I always go back to my mom's closet each time there is a family wedding or a traditional affair. She is a typical Sikhni and prefers traditional salwar-kameez over a sari, but that changed recently. People who have been following this blog from it's initial days know how I raid my mom's closet for her traditional outfits.(Read Here)

Recently, when I had to attend a couple of weddings, I went back to her closet and picked her saris this time. I obviously got new blouses designed in my size and styled it according to my personal style aesthetics.

Hope this post was helpful! Next time in doubt, raid your mom's closet. I am sure you'll find something to your rescue :)

Let me know your feed back about the posts by posting your experience/pictures with the same hash-tag #likemotherlikedaughter

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Khloe Kardashian-Sonakshi Sinha, twins??

When recently I came across Khloe Kardashian's picture from Elton John's Oscar party, I couldn't ignore her uncanny resemblance with our very own Bollywood starlet, Sonakshi Sinha.

Khloe Kardashian in a velvet Marc Bouwer dress for Elton John's Annual Oscar Party.
(picture source- startraks photorex)
Sonakshi Sinha in a Nikhil Thampi dress for Koffe with Karan..

Those of you, who have watched Sonakshi on the infamous chat show, Koffee with Karan, would remember her oxblood Nikhil Thampi dress and Khloe here is wearing a similar velvet Marc Bouwer dress. It's hard to pass the similarities in both the looks( and the ladies), from old Hollywood side-swept curls to the plunging neckline with a wrap bodice and color; they could easily be mistaken as twins.. Not to forget, not very long ago, both the ladies were written off on tabloids by  Fashion police and various critics for their unconventionally tall and fuller-curvy bodies. Must say, their dedication and hard-work paid off well, they look stunning and we cannot get enough of these ladies, and their
glamorous appearances. Here is to many, many such more <3

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Kanye West and Arvind Kejriwal have a LOT in common..??

What's with these two men and their love for scarf? 

Think winters are over, time to pack your scarfs? You better reconsider it.. I am going to tell you why..

We Indians are well aware of our capital's ex-CM, Arvind Kejriwal, who took the nation by storm  after establishing AAP in November 2012, and his love affair with scarf ( muffler), this particular look became a rage among the AAM AADMI of the county, making a fashion statement and how! Recently, I came across a news report about Kanye West, that how he has been covering(hiding) his face from paparazzi, by wrapping a scarf around. I couldn't help but notice how similar these two are. Both are Celebutants in their own rights.

Arvind Kejriwal, Ex-Delhi CM and AAPHead  his favorite Muffler Look 
Kanye West hiding his face from paparazzi

Both the men, making a MAJOR fashion statement with their face covered in scarf, have a lot more in common that you think

  • Apart from sporting a scarf around their necks/around their face, these two are popularly addressed as Media W$%^&S( I am not saying that)
  • Media loves them and they love media. Media has made them whatever they are today.
  • They are both active on social media and have more followers on twitter then many of their other counterparts. 
  • These two have been living their immediate life mostly in public( for respective reasons). 
  • You'll find paparazzi chasing them to glory. 
  • These are two very powerful and passionate men. 
Do NOT consider this one as a serious post and neither am a Fan nor I am a supporter.

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