Saturday, March 01, 2014

Kanye West and Arvind Kejriwal have a LOT in common..??

What's with these two men and their love for scarf? 

Think winters are over, time to pack your scarfs? You better reconsider it.. I am going to tell you why..

We Indians are well aware of our capital's ex-CM, Arvind Kejriwal, who took the nation by storm  after establishing AAP in November 2012, and his love affair with scarf ( muffler), this particular look became a rage among the AAM AADMI of the county, making a fashion statement and how! Recently, I came across a news report about Kanye West, that how he has been covering(hiding) his face from paparazzi, by wrapping a scarf around. I couldn't help but notice how similar these two are. Both are Celebutants in their own rights.

Arvind Kejriwal, Ex-Delhi CM and AAPHead  his favorite Muffler Look 
Kanye West hiding his face from paparazzi

Both the men, making a MAJOR fashion statement with their face covered in scarf, have a lot more in common that you think

  • Apart from sporting a scarf around their necks/around their face, these two are popularly addressed as Media W$%^&S( I am not saying that)
  • Media loves them and they love media. Media has made them whatever they are today.
  • They are both active on social media and have more followers on twitter then many of their other counterparts. 
  • These two have been living their immediate life mostly in public( for respective reasons). 
  • You'll find paparazzi chasing them to glory. 
  • These are two very powerful and passionate men. 
Do NOT consider this one as a serious post and neither am a Fan nor I am a supporter.

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