Wednesday, March 26, 2014


"Like One"
Like One, like the other,
Like Daughter,
Like Mother.

This is not another fashion post, but I am sure a lot of you would relate, so though of sharing..
lately, I have been majorly focusing on interesting insights on Indian and Global fashion scene on the blog. This got me thinking that it's the best time take a U-turn, back to the real essence of the blog because I miss sharing my personal fashion posts/OOTDs, tips and tricks from my closet, so here I am..

For all the young girls their mothers are their first fashion-icon, I have preached my mom growing-up for her amazing sense of personal style and fashion choices. And I also believe that mom's closet is the best rescue when in doubt. I always go back to my mom's closet each time there is a family wedding or a traditional affair. She is a typical Sikhni and prefers traditional salwar-kameez over a sari, but that changed recently. People who have been following this blog from it's initial days know how I raid my mom's closet for her traditional outfits.(Read Here)

Recently, when I had to attend a couple of weddings, I went back to her closet and picked her saris this time. I obviously got new blouses designed in my size and styled it according to my personal style aesthetics.

Hope this post was helpful! Next time in doubt, raid your mom's closet. I am sure you'll find something to your rescue :)

Let me know your feed back about the posts by posting your experience/pictures with the same hash-tag #likemotherlikedaughter

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