Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time to Giveback..!! Confessionz's and Kiehl's Giveaway!!

Hello Ladiessss..!! I have a Good..No ..Great News..!!
Its GIVEAWAY TIME.. and We'll Have 18 Lucky Ladies Win this Time..!!

Isn't that Great..?? I have been using Kiehl's Skin-care Products Lately.. and I am totally in love with My Skin.. During My Last Visit to their store they gave ma a free skin-consultation.. were I came across my Skin-type.. and also what skin-care regime is best for my Skin type.. (Click HERE to read about it..)
"Kiehl's India "and "Confessionz Of a Closet" have come together with this HUGE Giveaway..with 18 Winners.. Unfortunately this Giveaway is open for ONLY Delhi and Mumbai (i.e.Indian Residents only ) readers of the Blog.. as the winner would need to visit their Stores aswell for their Skin-Consultation.. (as a part of their winning hamper)

Give Aways:18 Kiehl's Vouchers
3 Premium - Skin Consultation, CCC Delux sample + Kiehl's # 1 Lip Balm
15 Regular - Skin Consultation, CCC Delux sample

To Participate you have to follow these easy steps..

*   You must be following "Kiehl's India" on FB(if not then click HERE ) and" Confessionz of a Closet" on FB (if not Click HERE )

*   You must be following "Kiehl's India" on Twitter-HERE and"Confessionz Of a Closet "- HERE

*    Copy Paste and tweet this as your twitter status--"GIVEAWAY- &    "

*   Copy Paste the Link of your Tweet in your comment( to do that click at the time of the tweet and then click at details now copy the url of the the page)

* In the Comments leave you GFC( if not on our GFC,click right side bar-"Member" ans register yourself), your Facebook Name and E-mail id .. so that we can contact you...

*  This Giveaway is Open for Only Delhi and Mumbai Residents of India , because of its Store Locations..

Note: This Giveaway Closes on April 18th.. So all you Ladies have a Lot of time to participate..
Sponsor is responsible for any delay or misplacement in the delivery of your gift NOT THIS BLOG..

Monday, March 26, 2012

Closet Must haves..Confession by "Mutka" from "Eleganza"

Guest Blogger -"Mukta" From "Eleganza "shares her Wardrobe Secrets..

Closet Must-Haves..

Now this article is basically for ones who have just stepped in fashion blogging. I, myself am very new to this world. So just wanted to share my experience and share the tips that I have learnt through the journey. According to me there are few must haves outfit posts for fashion bloggers. Few basic combinations that everyone should post about.
Style each basic combination the way you want to; add a belt, bag, heels or accessorize the way you want. Just be yourself and rock your blog.
 Basic Blue and white combination :

 Little Black Dress :

Basic White Shirt :

Indian traditional Look :

                Red and Black :

Few tips that I would like to share
·         Step up with each new outfit: Try to make your every new outfit better than previous one.
·         Mix and match: Dig out your old clothes to make a new outfit. Be creative. Make your dress a tunic or vice versa. Turn your scarf in a belt. Make your skirt as your top or vice versa again. Trust me, there are many options.
·         Try something new: Do not stick to the patterns that you always wear. Try something new. you won't know if it looks good on you or not without giving it a try. So just do not limit yourself.
·         Be yourself: Do not copy anyone. Make your own style statement. That is very important. People are not stupid to follow you blindly.
·         Play with colours: Add colours to your closet as well as to your boring outfit. Adding a red to a blue and white look will switch your dull look into a glam one.
·         Add a bright scarf or bag or heels. Just play with colours the way you want.

Accessorize your outfit : Add cuffs, bangles, earrings, statement necklaces, heels, bag etc etc. Girls have so many options so just play with them. Dig out your moms closet for golden statement pieces , they are so in or dads for an oversized shirt. Just follow your heart.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Divo Event with the Delhi Divas..!!

I know I am a little late..But I have been dying to share this with all you ladies..what fun I had with my fellow bloggers at the "Divo and Healthkart" event last Saturday..............

On my way to the event..I had a tough time figuring out the way though but it was FUN

Delhi Bloggers were invited to share hair-styling tips.. and learn self-hair-styling  .. And thats not it.. the expert hairstylist also told us .. how important it is to know your face-type and have a hair-cut/style according it it.. and that's where most of us go wrong.. we see people with front Bangs.. and want them..later get them and regret coz we look crazy..
See ..what we need to do is.. Know our face-type..I have a face that's between square and diamond..so that makes it huge and i could never cut my hair like Kajol(K3G) when i was a kid.. coz I have crazy ,fizzy ,stubborn ,curly hair..Not even the front bangs in college.. when they were the "IT Thing" you know what I am talking.. rite? so , its very important to have the rite hair-style or cut for your face.. like now i have grown my hair length and have few layers and bangs in the crown area and front.. To tone my cheeks down and make my face look soft and slim.. and trust me it took me years to come to peace with them coz I hate my hair back then.. But now I just can't get over them.. by the way to know more about my hair care regime now.. you can click HERE
So.. now I guess I am done talking.. and I am gonna let pictures Talk.. these are the ones from Healthkart's Picasa  web and from The Delhi Fashion Blogger 's Blog..
and I just forgot to mention the food was YUMM  *__*

Bloggers doing my face analysis and yippiee I had the perfect hair-cut/style according to the Expert.. *_*

Ladies from Divo and Healthkart talking about their product and services..

The tools / magic wand

Excited Me,next to Me- Srish , Komal's friend and Komal


self blow-drying tips..

Komal's hair being scrunched for a messy look..

The Delhi Bloggers..( can u notice Komal's Messy wet look..)

Like I said.."Yummy Food" my fav Chinese..

and the food was followed by these mouth-watering Cupcakes..!!(and they have DIVO written on them..Just so cute..)

and some more tips on accessorizing your hair..

and some more tips..

Me styling my hair wid a floral Tiara..(i loved how i looked on my hair.. and this acc. to me is my Cutest Pic ever.. too much self-praise rite.? lol :p )

all the Bloggers were given this Goody Box full of Divo Products.. (I am gonna share the stuff probably in their product review )


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dayle from "Style File" Confesses her Experiment..

           Confessionz From My Closet-"First Time I Took That Risk...."
                                Guest Blogger- Dayle Gabriella Pereira

This is one outfit that I believe was My riskiest - the sheer fabric, the red lips ; everything was first for Me..
I'm not very adventurous  when it comes to style , I play it safe . Blogging has changed that about Me - it made Me though myself out there and try out something NEW . I am slowly trying to get out of my comfort zone but this outfit will always be a favorite - its the first time I took that risk..

Read More about this look HERE


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Confession.. Keihl's India CCC launch..


This afternoon ..I attended the Kiehl's CCC Launch .. at Ambiance Mall,Vasant Kunj .. and met fellow bloggers Akshita from "Colorific "and Srish from "Style Fashion etc".
 ( also had a lillal haul at Forever21,where I bumped into Srish..n that's how we met ..)

Like I said.."Launch of Kiehl's CCC" and am sure a lot of you are wondering what this CCC is..??
Answer: Kiehl's CCC is short for Clearly Corrective Concentrate.. and CCC is one of the products from their soon to be launched skin care range in India .. which contains Activated C (ingredient derived from Vitamin C , known for its brightening properties), Peony Extract and White Birch Extract ..

This claims to correct dark spots, anti-ageing , break-outs , dullness and discoloration of skin that is caused due to UVA rays of sun ..

We were introduced and Briefed about the brand by the Brand Manager, Mr. Anurag Tyagi .He talked about company's History.. that this was initially a Pharmaceutical.. where different skin problems were treated..  The word Apothecary suggests the same in the name.. and was started in New York in the year 1851.. with experience of more that 100yrs they don't believe in fancy packaging .. At Kiehl's they believe in their product.............

the ambiance at Kiehl's is very Down-town New York.. this is a Unisex Brand keeping in mind the Male accompanying their Female counterparts should not feel odd ..

And they have a Brand Mascot .. Dr. Bones

 Dr. Bones with Me *__*

Me , Srish, Dr. Bones and Mr. Anurag (Brand Manager , Kiehl's )
Me , Dr.Bones and Srish ( LOVELIEST SRISH)

We were asked to take the CCC Challenge (i.e use CCC for 28 days) after we got our skin examined.. My skin type is Combination..so is Srish's (like everything else we have in common *__^ )

                 Srish geting her skin-type checked with the skin-expert

Me getting my skin-type checked and the skin -expert

We were given a bottle of CCC for the CCC Challenge .. and some testers of other recommended products for our skin-type.. and hair..

p.s.- Kiehl's CCC is available at all the Kiehl's India Stores and is priced 3500rs. Kiehl's staff is very friendly and welcoming .. You can get your skin-type checked and can also ask for a tester of the product recommended .. so that u can try it before you buy it.. 

* The whole experience was good.. and now that I know a lot about this brand I can relate to them and understand them better.. and I am also going to post a review of CCC very soon.. 
For more information about Kiehl's India you can like their Facebook Page HERE


Thursday, March 08, 2012

Desii Girl Neha's Outfit Confession..

Confession From My Closet's 1st Outfit Post

                               Guest Author: Neha Bisht( 21yrs old, Freelance Publicist from Delhi)

Indian outfit olwz make u look graceful.. So I do  wore this simple n classy light pink suit on my Graduation farewell.. Wht mk me love is the fine detailing & combination of silver white & light pink..! I With matching bangles to add on my looks  For sure I won many hearts on the floor    

Suit: From Meena Bazar
Bangles: Kamla Market

Happy Women's Day Ladies..!! and Hope you all had a 


If you want to get featured here at CFC's Column "Confessionz From My Closet" you can send your post at- confessionzofacloset@gmail.com


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Confession..Holi , Hair and More..

I have curly hair.. and I grew up envying people with straight , lustrous , shiny hair.. I use to hate my hair throughout school as there wasn't much I could do to style them..
But with time I have come to peace with my self.. and have learnt it the hard way.. after few rebondings , straight therapies and coloring later .. I realized what damage I have done to my hair.. and how I miss my curly hair badly..coz my face is round and straight hair made it look HUGE ..
Last year I came Delhi, to surprise my Family for Holi .. while the new hair roots were growing , I still had straight hair and blonde streaks..

my hair last year just before holi.. Blonde streaks and damaged ends.. 
Add caption

And after a deadly HOLI ( that includes lot of grease , and chemical colors and little gulaal.. ) I was in tears.. coz my HAIR TURNED PINK .. :'( even after applying Olive Oil .. So, my advice would be .. stay away from those bad chemical colors and sprays.. specially if you have chemically treated hair..it can cause hair loss and hair damage.. 

My hair rite after holi..blonde streaks now pink :(
Add caption

So.. I had to color them black .. no matter how hard you try Holi  affects your hair and damage them bad.. you can follow the following hair care routine post Holi to make sure that the damage is taken care of -->

After holi,  hair should be washed with care to prevent any ill-effects of the colours.
Massage your hair in a proper manner with olive or castor oil to improve the blood circulation near the hair cuticles.
In addition, make a hair pack by soaking few drops of fenugreek seeds in the curd. Apply this pack thoroughly on your hair, leave it to dry for 30mins and then wash off with a mild shampoo. You can apply egg yolk also to bring that shine and lustre back to your hair..
And generally I follow  this Hair Care Routine..


Thursday, March 01, 2012

"Women's Day Giveaway" sponsored by "Leora Bags".. for the Readers of " Confessionz of a Closet "!!

To win this Bag..and discount Vouchers of 50% and 35%  on jan and Nov Collection by"Leora Bags" Follow these simple steps.....................

* Like the FB pages of Leora Bags and Confessionz Of a Closet
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* leave a comment with ur fb name , email id, and GFC name  and why u want to win this Bag ??

NOTE- We are going to chose three Lucky Ladies..on 8th of March.. & the best comment wins the Bag.. and the other two gets to win the discount coupons by Leora Bags.. and its only open to Indian Residents.. *_*