Monday, March 26, 2012

Closet Must haves..Confession by "Mutka" from "Eleganza"

Guest Blogger -"Mukta" From "Eleganza "shares her Wardrobe Secrets..

Closet Must-Haves..

Now this article is basically for ones who have just stepped in fashion blogging. I, myself am very new to this world. So just wanted to share my experience and share the tips that I have learnt through the journey. According to me there are few must haves outfit posts for fashion bloggers. Few basic combinations that everyone should post about.
Style each basic combination the way you want to; add a belt, bag, heels or accessorize the way you want. Just be yourself and rock your blog.
 Basic Blue and white combination :

 Little Black Dress :

Basic White Shirt :

Indian traditional Look :

                Red and Black :

Few tips that I would like to share
·         Step up with each new outfit: Try to make your every new outfit better than previous one.
·         Mix and match: Dig out your old clothes to make a new outfit. Be creative. Make your dress a tunic or vice versa. Turn your scarf in a belt. Make your skirt as your top or vice versa again. Trust me, there are many options.
·         Try something new: Do not stick to the patterns that you always wear. Try something new. you won't know if it looks good on you or not without giving it a try. So just do not limit yourself.
·         Be yourself: Do not copy anyone. Make your own style statement. That is very important. People are not stupid to follow you blindly.
·         Play with colours: Add colours to your closet as well as to your boring outfit. Adding a red to a blue and white look will switch your dull look into a glam one.
·         Add a bright scarf or bag or heels. Just play with colours the way you want.

Accessorize your outfit : Add cuffs, bangles, earrings, statement necklaces, heels, bag etc etc. Girls have so many options so just play with them. Dig out your moms closet for golden statement pieces , they are so in or dads for an oversized shirt. Just follow your heart.

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