Thursday, March 01, 2012

"Women's Day Giveaway" sponsored by "Leora Bags".. for the Readers of " Confessionz of a Closet "!!

To win this Bag..and discount Vouchers of 50% and 35%  on jan and Nov Collection by"Leora Bags" Follow these simple steps.....................

* Like the FB pages of Leora Bags and Confessionz Of a Closet
* Join this site with GFC (on the right side bar)
* leave a comment with ur fb name , email id, and GFC name  and why u want to win this Bag ??

NOTE- We are going to chose three Lucky Ladies..on 8th of March.. & the best comment wins the Bag.. and the other two gets to win the discount coupons by Leora Bags.. and its only open to Indian Residents.. *_*




  1. Done Done.
    Fb- Toucher tes reves
    Email: princesssonshu(At)gmail(dot)com
    GFC: Sonshu

    I'd love to win this bag because not only does Leora have the coolest collection, this brown bag is so chic and stylish and I love the details on it. I can already imagine how I'd put it to great use :P

  2. ALL done :)
    fb name -Ankita Pohonerkar
    GFC name-Ankita
    j'adore bags j'adore leora. <3 ..A bag can change the enire look transfer chic and voguish.Only a fashion connoisseur can find this bag in vogue :D
    U knw u love it

  3. Done...:):)
    fb name -Poonam Jain
    GFC name-Poo
    I want to win this Bag:- there is no dearth of reasons why i want this bag.
    The bag is so adorable ... I fell in love with it .. like love at first sight.. <3 <3.
    Till date i havent bought a bag for myself.. bcz everytime i walk into the shop.. I get confuzzeeedddd seeing so many of them... which one to buy ...and come out empty handed :(:(..
    Now i want this beauty to be my first handbag for sure...
    I was looking for some sexy sling bag for quite some time and this one definitely deserves to be one. :):)

  4. FB: Himanshi Gupta
    GFC: Himanshi

    I would love to win this bag because I am already in love with this bag. I can already imagine me going out with this bag and my friends complimenting and getting jealous of it(:P)...
    The color..the texture...the smoothness of the bag...i can feel it all around me..<3<3<3
    I carried a lot of bags till now...but never found one perfect sling I want to carry which I liked the most...this one got some spark and i liked it instantly..
    so I want it for myself...

  5. Fb name: walia angel
    GFC: Anu walia

    Done with all the 3 steps mam :) i love the bag..its gorgeous..super color, amazing design and best part its a sling too..i can carry my whole girly stuff in it and my baby's too :)) would love love and absolutely love to win it :))..fingers crossed !!

  6. Fb name: jasmine bhatia
    GFC name: jasmine bhatia

    Hiii...what a bag..i love the color..its my favorite..i just went through Leora's FB page..and im absolutely blown away with the bag collection..i am a big fan of sling bags..and i carry them all the time..and carrying this bag wud surely add to my pride :) already praying to god for this bag :) " Dear lord, please make this sweet lady to choose me as the winner for this amazing sling bag _/\_ amen !! "

  7. DONE!

    Fb Name- Priyanka Dey
    Profile Id-

    GFC- Mamon

    I want to win this bag because I want to gift it to my Mother. She truly deserves a gift on this special occasion! And what better gift than this stylish bag! And she loves sling bags! Perrrfecto I say!

  8. Facebook name: Sukanya Banerjee
    Email id.:
    GFC name: sukanya banerjee

    A handbag is not only an accessory for girls but also a token of her personality . It adds a bling character to her ,a subtle look,sometimes loud ,sometimes a way to her mood with the different colored bags. And this bag will give a sophisticated chic look to my personality and i would love to add this accessory-cum-style-ingredient in my Fashion Closet .. hope to win this one ..

  9. Liked both pages and already following.
    Fb name : Eleganza(mukta)
    E-mail id :
    GFC name : Muks

    Okay, that handbag is so very pretty.
    I can pair it up with neons as well as pastels, to add a touch up to my outfit.
    Its a perfect sling bag with beautiful color and perfect size.It can be paired with any outfit to add an edge.
    Live laugh love
    Fb page :

  10. FB:
    GFC: nids

    I's love to win this bag coz its the perfect accessory for today's woman- on the move, confident and who is sure of her place, both at home and outside. It will go well with my pastel formal wear and still not look dull because of its rich detailing. Wear it with some bling and its perfect for any classy party. I really want this!

    1. oops email is

  11. FB: Nidhi Chandna
    GFC: nids

    I's love to win this bag coz its the perfect accessory for today's woman- on the move, confident and who is sure of her place, both at home and outside. It will go well with my pastel formal wear and still not look dull because of its rich detailing. Wear it with some bling and its perfect for any classy party. I really want this!

  12. done :)
    fb name-sindhu gupta
    e mail id-
    GFC nme- ANNU

    reasons for me loving it:
    first of all its sling chic.wats cooler and more comfortable than a sling?second.the colour.i love the colour goes with everything.third of all im in desperate need of a black bag.last but not the least,i have checked the collection,its good and this bag is definitely a loving its design(the weave design).A COMPLETE WIN-WIN

  13. I Liked the FB pages of Leora Bags and Confessionz Of a Closet

    MY fb name: Virginia Blandina
    email id:
    GFC name : Virginia

    I'd love to win this bag and be able to give my very deserving Mum a nice gift for Mother's Day. I would love to see the smile on her face. This stylish and fashionable Bag is definitely the best Mothers Day gift.My mum will cherish it because it's Sophisticated and up-to-date. It will make her happy, and feel beloved.
    And for me; I LOVE IT.

  14. liked leora and Confessionz Of a Closet on FB

    FB name : DivYa MehTa
    FB profile link :
    Email id :
    GFC name : DivYa MehTa

    i wanna win this awesome bag because "A great handbag can make your outfit" and It’s true for me.I wanna update my go-to fall bag and go for something that stands out a bit more and this bag is my kinda appealing..if i won this bag then it would be the best gift i ever got...fingers crossed @leora and @Confessionz Of a Closet..

    n yea lovely contest it is.. :) XoXo!!!hoping for d best!!!love u guyz!!

  15. fb name: esha gupta
    gfc name: esha
    fb profile link:
    email id:

    its a very classy and trendy bag...very good for casual and deserving gift for a woman for woman's defines a woman in a way that its classy yet chic and adorable lyk a woman...
    lukng forward to this contest...thks!!!!
    love u leora and confessionz of a closet

  16. Name- Pallavi Tiwari
    Fb Id-
    Gfc Name-pari pari

    I want this super sexy tempting sling bag because it will make me look more fashionable,will give me a edge over other girls ,girls will be super jealous when ill wear this super classy bag and guys too will wonder from where i got it?
    So i desperately need this sophisticated classy bag to make all my girl friends super jealous of my bag and the best part of this bag is its color,which is so cool and will go with my every outfit,just waiting to be lucky to get one.

  17. done all the steps

    fb name-Hema Singh Thakur
    e mail id-
    GFC Name-Hema Singh Thakur

    I recently lost a brand new purse by leaving it on an airport and this would be so awesome to win :) Both because it looks great and because it would make me feel better about my stupid move of losing that purse....

  18. FB name:Ankita pednekar
    Email ID:
    GFC name: Ankita pednekar
    ............Love Can't be Define in words...But Looking at it(THE BAG no sorry LUST Actually) can make any girl go weak at her knees! BELIVE ME ITS A ART!!! precisely.. its a CLASSIC!... Need to say more???....YES I LOVE IT!!!

  19. FB name: ramya gajjarapu
    Emailid: ramya.sri
    GFC name: ramya
    I am about to graduate from my engineering and about to start working for a software firm form the month of june.I have been searching for this kind of bag since I got placed into the firm and it is..!!..From the looks of the bag it is just perfect to carry my precious mac and goes really well with my formal wear about which I am excited to put on.The colour of the bag which is not normal black but awesome brown is what caught my attention and is exactly what I want.The pattern,design and length of the bag are perfect and formal but chic which makes me look not like a regular software engineer but kinda cool and chic..For all these reaons I would love to have this ubercool leora bag.Its every girl's fantasy.I just <3 it..!!..:)

  20. fb name : Hazel Esther Brown
    email id, :
    GFC name : haze
    I Liked the FB pages of Leora Bags and Confessionz Of a Closet

    I want to win this bag because its lovely. This stylish bag is just perfect to add that hint of spark to my outfits. it will look great on my shoulder and carrying this stylish Bag would make me feel special and pampered.

  21. My fb name -Jyoti mehta
    email id -
    GFC name - Jyoti mehta
    why i want to win this Bag ??- I want to win this bag for my sweet little princess.The bag is stylist and with very nice colour.

    Done all the steps hope to win...

  22. gfc name - bha
    fb- bhavna pande
    email id -
    WHY i want this bag - the bag is super stylish and chick i love the color its gorgeous and will go with my new belt .its a classic piece i love the pattern on the bag . at present i dont have a bag in this shade and when i go out to buy a bag either the price of the bag is too high or it doesnt suit my taste . I fell in love with this bag and i want it as a bday present .My bday is just round the corner only a few days to go and if i win this bag then i'll be on top of this world .Best bday gift ever :) i simply love bags and shoes .my mom thinks m crazy bcoz whenever i go the market i definitely go to the shop to look for a bags and shoes to buy :P

  23. FB user name: keerthi mullapudi
    email id :
    gfc name : bookworm

    well i like CHOCOLATE and this bag look like a big bar of chocolate, only we cant eat it :P.
    chocolate aside it would like to win the bag because it looks so DAMN GOOD.


    time to show the world what we are worth!!

  24. FB name: kunj palan ganatra
    GFC name: kunj palan
    email id :

    i so much want this bag becoz the woman in me has so much to stuff in her bag other than anyone else. lipsticks to compacts to emergency sanitation to an interesting novel that can read while commuting. secretly sneaking in n bringing home some flowers in the handbag for a romantic nite with my husband. something that i can slide on my shoulder makes it even more perfect for a housewife like me who has to carry home handful of grocery bags. and it nevertheless makes all my BFF jealous of being such a stylish housewife unlike them :P it always makes a girl happy to see that look on a friends face when she has something that lady doesnt possess. :)


  25. FB name : Priya Manaswini Reddy
    Email id:
    GFC name : Priya reddy
    Everyone has a fetish for something…and mine’s for bags…yes!! Guilty as charged :D :D !! ……just can’t get enuf of ‘em! Bags in my opinion convey a woman’s personality just as much as any other accessory!! And this fantabulous bag from Leora is just what I need….it’s just the right shade and the swanky pattern-big WOW!! It’s just purrrfect!! This bag can transform a casual outfit voguish and formal attire totally chic…totally in love with the bag :D :D

  26. FB name: Prerana kedia ranjan
    GFC: Prerana kedia
    i think i should win this lovely bag....this is the best way to celebrate women's day by gifting yourself something special u r in love vry much(like this bfull bag) and mostly smart things should come to smart people :):)

  27. FB - Rekha Mohan
    email -
    GFC - Rekha

    I love bags and I travel a lot and they are my best company, hoard them with all the day-to-day necessities and forget everything. they will be your best buddies anytime, anywhere :) after all who doesnt like a wonderful stylish company like leora's :)

  28. Fb: Sanjana Adwani
    Gfc: Sanj Adwani

    well,as Coco Chanel quoted : "A girl should be two things,Classy and Fabulous."
    And for me,this bag Is not only classy and fabulous but also,
    -very "me"
    and most importantly something that really caught my eye.
    the difference between style and fashion,is quality and this bag really showed me that difference
    I never buy things because i see other people wear it,I buy it because it makes me happy and when i see these things in my closet it gives me this happy high that nothing in the world can give me because i love fashion that much!
    This bag has managed to win my heart and that's why i want this bag :)
    So *fingers crossed*

  29. fb name: Isheeta Chatterjee
    email id:
    GFC name: ishy chatterji
    why i want to win this Bag:: .. is Foremostly, I'm college going student..(almost the final year!).. I travel a lot, get back to the sane city by eve and have to engage in social events or get-togethers and engagements almost immediately. Loading and unloading essentials from a bag to another to look presentable becomes unaaceptable and thus style issues clash! It's a titan transition to make, consuming precious time(esp. when sometimes 5-10mins is all you have!!) I would love to own and carry around something very mult-functional yet fash-forward(must be fashion friendly!!) The sling nature of the bag is perfect o store just the tiny notebook and other essentials for college and the quilt very uber-chic for an evening-out.
    Also, I haven't won anything in Goveways, least alone a Bag1! .. So maybe a Holi bonus this festivity!! :)) #Hopeful

  30. fb name: Asma Khan
    email id:
    GFC name: asmashanno

    i want this bag because its a awesome gift for a lady and i will gift it to my mother, as she is fond of bags. I want to surprise her with this bag on this woman's day as she is my role model and want see the joy on her face because of me, though i cannot return the favors which all she has done for me but a small token of love <3

  31. well i am already a fan of both the pages
    following you on gfc also
    fb name: pooja kopargaonkar
    email id:
    gfc name: pooja kopargaonkar

    well frankly speaking i was not taking part in this give away as i have won in the previous give away, but today something happened and now i guess i am in very much need of this bag :)

    i want this bag not for me ( not like that i did not loved this bag, i am a bag lover and this a is a beauty) but i want to win this for my mother.

    the only reason is that today after a talk of 2 hours and after 3 weeks of me trying to convince her she has finally said yes to give entrance exam for a post graduation course in may and is ready to join a coaching from 15th march.

    my mom always wanted to do mba but getting married early and than having kids mom never got the chance, she spent her life raising us and say she has no regret in choosing family,

    and now after completing 50 year's of her life she think that she is too old to go back to college and study with kids who are her daughter age.

    but today my mom agreed :) and i am so happy

    and i want to gift her this big , beautiful and classic bag on this women's day because she gave me courage to follow my dreams by taking this step of following her dream. and this bag along with a notepad, pen and a small hand-written note in the pocket of this bag with small messages from all the people who love her saying her all the best for the new start of her life (after her paralysis attack and all the dark moments she had suffered and come out as a winner) will be a perfect gift to give her on the 1st day of her coaching so that she can carry it everyday and remember our love and support and give her best :) also because this cam carry all my mom things and is a graceful and classic bag which my mom will love and add a ton of style in my mom wardrobe :)

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Hellooo :)
    I've followed all the instructions : liked both pages and Now following your blog on GFC.

    Well my name is Hoshang Dastoor, Yes yes i know its weird for a guy to be on this site trying to win that gorgeous brown bag,but I'm gay so well thats my excuse :P

    The reason I want this bag is because when i saw the picture i was like WOW stunning.
    I could only imagine how amazing it would look with my beige high waisted formal pants from forever new with a slim fitted white shirt from zara tucked into it with rolled up sleeves and my favorite scarf in my neck this beautiful bag and beige oxford shoes. I think i would look fabulous!!

    I've never found a brown bag good enough for me to buy. But this is BEAUTIFUL and i mean it. I will never give or share it with anyone else ,call me selfish but i want to win this bag for myself cuz Its something that i see myself carrying everyday!
    SO i really hope i win this :)

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