Sunday, March 11, 2012

Confession.. Keihl's India CCC launch..


This afternoon ..I attended the Kiehl's CCC Launch .. at Ambiance Mall,Vasant Kunj .. and met fellow bloggers Akshita from "Colorific "and Srish from "Style Fashion etc".
 ( also had a lillal haul at Forever21,where I bumped into Srish..n that's how we met ..)

Like I said.."Launch of Kiehl's CCC" and am sure a lot of you are wondering what this CCC is..??
Answer: Kiehl's CCC is short for Clearly Corrective Concentrate.. and CCC is one of the products from their soon to be launched skin care range in India .. which contains Activated C (ingredient derived from Vitamin C , known for its brightening properties), Peony Extract and White Birch Extract ..

This claims to correct dark spots, anti-ageing , break-outs , dullness and discoloration of skin that is caused due to UVA rays of sun ..

We were introduced and Briefed about the brand by the Brand Manager, Mr. Anurag Tyagi .He talked about company's History.. that this was initially a Pharmaceutical.. where different skin problems were treated..  The word Apothecary suggests the same in the name.. and was started in New York in the year 1851.. with experience of more that 100yrs they don't believe in fancy packaging .. At Kiehl's they believe in their product.............

the ambiance at Kiehl's is very Down-town New York.. this is a Unisex Brand keeping in mind the Male accompanying their Female counterparts should not feel odd ..

And they have a Brand Mascot .. Dr. Bones

 Dr. Bones with Me *__*

Me , Srish, Dr. Bones and Mr. Anurag (Brand Manager , Kiehl's )
Me , Dr.Bones and Srish ( LOVELIEST SRISH)

We were asked to take the CCC Challenge (i.e use CCC for 28 days) after we got our skin examined.. My skin type is is Srish's (like everything else we have in common *__^ )

                 Srish geting her skin-type checked with the skin-expert

Me getting my skin-type checked and the skin -expert

We were given a bottle of CCC for the CCC Challenge .. and some testers of other recommended products for our skin-type.. and hair..

p.s.- Kiehl's CCC is available at all the Kiehl's India Stores and is priced 3500rs. Kiehl's staff is very friendly and welcoming .. You can get your skin-type checked and can also ask for a tester of the product recommended .. so that u can try it before you buy it.. 

* The whole experience was good.. and now that I know a lot about this brand I can relate to them and understand them better.. and I am also going to post a review of CCC very soon.. 
For more information about Kiehl's India you can like their Facebook Page HERE



  1. Apart from your cuteness, I love your classic white shirt with the gold neckpiece :)

  2. I'm blushing *_____* lol <3

    1. aww!! u look super cute when u blush :-*

  3. u n srish look so cute...shaily u hv an amazingly flawless skin..!! wts ur skin care regimen?

  4. Love Keihl's lip balms with color tints..Seems like a fun event you had a great time with your blogger buddies! BTW, thanks for answering my twitter call;-) I am following you now:-) See I told you I will give you my eternal love!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. yup.. it was fun :) N I can already feel the love vibes.. :D
      tnx for stopping by..

  5. Dr Bones and you look so cute together :) Awesome clicks ..Love

    1. haha! thanks.. m glad I could match-up to his Cuteness..!! :D

  6. you both look so similar and both are rocking a white shirt, cool !! Hope to visit delhi soon :D

    1. hey! tnx Mukta:) , like u..others too said the same about us.. lol n u shud visit Delhi that we can all catch up :)

  7. Such a fun event!! I SO want to experience this too! :( And you look so fresh and so SO cute! <3 <3
    And Srish does too! As always! :D Lovely pictures!

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