Thursday, April 11, 2013

Anushka Sharma: Fashion's New Darling?

Over the last 6yrs Anushka Sharma has gone from a Punjabi girl next door to a  boho, Haryanvi girl sporting quirky tattoos all over her body. She has certainly proved her mettle as an actress and is here to stay. There is an apparent change in her appearance  Yes, she is more fashion concious now,( not that she was a fashion disaster before) that sure shows in her recent appearances and cover shoots. If gossip mongers are to be believed, this fashion's new darling is sporting a plastic smile( couldn't find better words for- lip job). I sure find something weird with her lips, but who cares till she gives us such stunning appearances.

Anushka Sharma for ELLE India's March Issue. souce:  google
Her personal sense of style sure has taken a shift form Classic to Androgynous. She has become more bold and experimental with her looks, the best example I can give rite now is the forehead fringe she is sporting these days. Initially, she seemed a little Priyanka Chopra from InMy City to me, but now it's totally Anushka. Her stylist is brilliantly amalgamated her new hairdo with smart styling. I am a fan of her recent ELLE India cover, her airport and red carpet looks at the TOIFA, Vancouver and  her Golden studded 'Anaikka' by Kanika Saluja jacket, for MTV India Music Awards. Androgynous is so her. I think she should stick to it. ( read this post to know more on- Androgynous Style and Styling tips )

Love her John Lennon glasses, Check shirt and leather-biker jacket. source: google

Chatrapati shivaji Airport,Mumbai; In Zara, source: google

In 'Anaikka' b y Kannika Saluja's SS'13 jacket for MTV India Video Music Awards'13. source:google

In DIOR at TOIFA. source: google

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