Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Confession of a quick Shopping spree..!!

Anything for shopping..!!

If I accompany my parents to my grandma's place.. I  get to shop watever i wanna buy the nearest mall for an hour alone n later join family for the evening tea..!!  Now that was a deal between My Dad n Me....

Picked up a Boyfriend's Blazer from Zara and some accessories from Aldo Accessories n Splash .. thats it..!! ( as I have mentioned d above.. only an hour's time to shop.. sad.. sob!sob! :'( )

Just before getting inside the car i asked my dad for some quick shots.. n to my surprise he agreed.. Blurry though but atleast he clicked.. B-)

I am wearing-- Black sweater- Code ; Pink Shirt- sum stall , Lokhandwala market, Mumbai ; Denim- Bangkok ; Footwear- Forever, Kamla Nagar ; Watch- Aldo Accessories ; Jewelry - Paradiso style store; Bag- Splash..

For more confessionz keep following this blog..

Till then do its as.. Coco Chanel- " I don't do Fashion .. I am Fashion.."

                                                  xoxo- Shaily

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shaily in the Wonderkland.. Sunday's Confession..!!

    Revisiting Childhood..
                               With my childhood friend Aditi....

WE both ( Aditi and I ) share this common interest of dressing up n clicking pictures since forever..
Past few years have change a lot ..but we are still the same Divas at heart as we were.. we still love dressing up.. n posing for each-others  camera.. This Sunday were were on a Nostalgic trip ..

Shared a lot over Tea..Maggiee.. n a few shots..

But this time it was a lillal different .. we dressed-up like fairytale characters.. Red lips.. colorful outfits.. jewelery..  n poses..

In the pictures I am wearing ( Dress- Bangkok) , ( Bag- Bangkok) , ( Jacket- Gifted), ( Belt-n Miss Jo) , (Shoes- Mellow yellow , Lokhandwala, Mumbai) , (Watch- Aldo) , ( Jewellery- Forever 21, Gk1 , m -block , Shaily from Delhi), ( Hairband- sum stall , Bandra Hill road, Mumbai)

So.. that was another Confession from my Closet.. M gonna come up with more.. soon.. Till then..
do it  as ..............Coco Chanel-" I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."..........

                                               xoxo- Shaily

Monday, December 05, 2011

Confession..of a lazy Monday afternoon wid MOM..

My backyard..invaded by the weather.. Fall..

Its December .. n In Delhi its normal for anyone to spend their afternoon in bed wrapped in a Quilt and wearing the most comfortable, lose yet warm clothes.. n excuses to spend that extra minute in the bed..holding the hot coffee mug till the last drop..  weekend Barbe-ques sumtimes in weekdays.... u can write names n make hearts on the glass windows coz of fog.. body ache .. running nose.. and as common as eating pea nuts in the sunny afternoons here in winters..Faking the air outta ur mouth as cigarette smoke..
You switch on the television to know that there is a recent snowfall in Shimla. Oh! That's why it's so chilled out here. You wish you could have changed the direction of the Himalayas or atleast the course of your holiday.
I am sure most of us( Delhities ) r going to agree to this..
 I heard  in a movie ..  -An Affair to Remember, "Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.  " and I couldn't agree more..

Lost in the memories my Mom caught me in the Backyard this afternoon.. n clicked Me on my insistence..  N m not sorry for looking shabby ..coz its winters.. n I am a Delhite ..   

 I am wearing-( blue hoodie- bought it during my grad days from a stall in Kamla Nagar.., tights- Kappa, footwera- fit flops..)

More confessionz to come.. till then do it as Coco Chanel-" I dn't do Fashion.. I am Fashion"

                                                                     xoxo- Shaily

Friday, December 02, 2011

whats your favorite hairdo this winter..?? i like my hair Messy!! see how i get this look..

Most people think Messy is Easy.. though they rhyme but that doesn't mean it is taht easy.... Messy  is difficult to manage n hard to maintain.. But I am gifted with natural curls..!! and I simply love to Flaunt them..
Though I got bored with them sumtym back...and went for hair therapy( permanent straightening) n since then I have been waiting for my beautiful curls to grow back..

 I Miss my old blond Curls..!!this is me in my Graduation Days..( here my hair are short.. n have straight bangs on forehead..)

But today.. my hair have sum  length.. n are half curly .. half straight..( coz the roots have grown..n straightening is almost gone..)!! n i like them like that..!! I still keep front fringes straight.. n rest of my hair all messy..!!

And to get this smooth to touch yet messy look.. i follow the following steps.. 

* I wash my hair with-Schwazrkopf 's Time Restore Shampoo.. (make sure the water is not too hot or too cold.. as our hair anyways bear so much heat during the day.. n even during styling..)

* After the head wash I towel dry them  n make sure that there is no do water dropping from them( coz too much moisture already will not let the conditioner or mask work on ur hair.. as there is no direct contact)..then I apply - Body Shop's Hair Butter..for4-5 mins.. and then rinse it off..

* let your hair dry naturally.. or else us can just use a dryer on the front bangs if only u r in hurry.. but the temperature shud be medium..n keep the heat away from the roots to prevent damage..

* I use this comb even when i apply the hair butter ( it evenly spreads it).. n before styling the bangs when they are wet... as once the styling is done u cant comb hair much.. coz it ruins the messy look.. (thats the secret tip to keep the look combing opens the curls) so let ur hair take their shape naturally

* Before using the straightener is use  Schwarzkopf's heat protection styling prevent my hair from the damage..

* I Use a Chaoba hair straightener on my Bangs  n crown area..!!

* Last but but most important thing i do is I apply Osis Magic.. it makes my hair soft as silk.. and add luster..

* To finis the look.. i use Velcro Roller ..they  give sum bounce n shape to the crown area..!!

Other things I follow in my hair care routine..

* I Shampoo my hair like 3-4times a week..
* I make sure i apply Olive Oil( Figaro) or Baby hair oil over nite or atleast an hourbefore washing my hair.. as it makes up for all the harsh styling and heat..
* I don't skip my deep conditioning or hair spa appointments.. thats sum effort u need to make if you love your hair..
* I apply Osis Magic Serum atleast Once a Day.. for the shine n luster..
* I try n Hyderate myslf wid cocnut water when I m out.. its gud for hair n skin.. plus its a healthier substitute for cold drinks n mock-tails..
*I keep myself well hydrated at home n try n include some green veges in my food..

This Post is based on my experiences n views.. your opinion might differ on a lotta stuff.. feel free to comment n add our views n tips for hair care.. ^_^

Bye for now.. n till my next post do it as  Coco Chanel -" I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."
                                         xoxo- Shaily

Thursday, December 01, 2011

A silly Confession..Winter Madness!! and weird Expressionz..

December 1st , under the weather.. no time to wash my hair.. n this is what i ended up doing with my hair this morning..!! I am just going to let my weird pic do all the talking..!!

(p.s.not to ignore ..i have fever n was also late for my lecture!! so trhis pic was taken in a rush and under unfavorable circumstances..!!so kindly avoid my silly expression..  )

Here i have made a messy bun and to avoid fringes falling on my face( which otherwise I'd love , but my hair were not washed) I have used a black hairband !!
n this was easy n looks cute too!! and to my surprise this hairdo got me compliments..!! *_^

Sumtymz such experiments turn out great! well in my case today! Yes..!!
  I would  like to thank Yukta for the amazing photography( for catching such weird expression n clicking me in such a weird pose..) also Jasleen..!! I always forget to thank her .. she has clicked sum of my best pics,,!! 

Going to end it with my fav Coco Chanel's quote ," I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."

                                                  xoxo- Shaily

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Outfit confession.. straight from my Closet!!

Early winter chill  and early morning classes .. not in a mood to write much today!! So.. m just gonna let the pictures talk..!!

I am wearing-- ( Blouse- sum boutique in Kamla Nagar, Delhi) ( Denim Jeggings- Pepe Jeans) ( Bag- Aldo) (watch - Aldo) ( Shoes- Catwalk)

thats it for the day!! till my next up date do it as Coco Chanel-- " I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."

                                               xoxo- Shaily

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Outfit Confession.. dressed for the Birthday of my 6yr old niece

It was my niece Oira's Birthday!! and thats what i wore for her Birthday party!! felt like a Six year old all over again..!!

                    And now About my look..!!

              I am wearing..


         ( Dress- Pull and Bear) (Belt- Pull and Bear) ( Shoes- Catwalk) ( Watch- Aldo)
I kept it simple with almost no make up like always..!! just a tinch of coral lip color over the lip balm for the natural n nourished looking lips, just a stroke of blush( again just a tinch on brush) and concealer under eyes and coral eye shadow..!! this always works for me!!this gives me a naturally clean look yet a no makeup effect!! .. *_^

 That's about it divas..!!
till my next post.. do it as Coco Chanel..-
                                 " I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."

                                                    xoxo- Shaily

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quick Confession on Pipa- see how her dress does double duty!

Catching Up With Pippa Middleton: Her Latest Looks!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Outfit Confession..

  Today I m not in a mood to write much.. So.. let the pictures do the talking..

it was one of those days when you cant decide what to wear.. n out of everything.. I picked the brown jacket n the pink blouse .. now these two come a long way.. they hv been laying in Closet from last 2-3 yrs( n not even worn once).. they remind me of my gone old graduation days..( not that m old now.. m doing my masters.. FYI *_^ )

I am wearing-- Jacket& Blouse-Delhi to London, Denim- Bangkok, shoes-Kins/Venus steps, Watch - Aldo, Bag- NUN, Shades- Ray Ban, Ring-Shaily from Delhi( my own label)

Makeup- Peach blush -Inglot, Lipstick-Coral- Bourjois Paris, n moisturizer- Gojhnson's Baby lotion..

thats that divassss......!!!!!!

till my next post do it as Coco Chanel-"I don't do Fashion .. I am Fashion.."

                                                xoxo- Shaily

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

To Friendship..!! finally!! the courier arrived..Feeling not so Blue.. :D

This Blue Zara top i hv been waiting over a week is a gift from , now my gud friend Parul Parmar..!!  who was a not a gud friend initially *_^.. but how i love her now!! :-* the courier just came this afternoon.. n made my day.. which was dull due the chill in Delhi as I have been under the weather from last 2 days..!!
n below we are posing for our personal cameras..!!

Avoid Parul's eyes( she is high).. this post is to say.."Thank you Parul.. you turned out to be sucha an amazing friend..*_^ .. U r my Gemini sister..!! Love you!! MWUAHH!! HUGSS!!"

p.s.- I am not gud at expressing my emotions.. m not a girl of much words.. u knw i love u..

To Friendship..!!

Thats it my Divas.. another post to follow.. again on color Blue..!! *_^

LOVE :-*

& Like I always say.. "do it as Coco Chanel- I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Outfit Confession..--Today I am wearing..

Like I shared in my last post Graphic tartans are back this Fall..  Today I planned to wear a Shirt wid a Tank-top .. Shirt's collars are folded  in a way to give it a look of a blazer.. (for early morning classes u need sumthing warm n Comfortable.. after all its Delhi winters..) To add color it this look i used a Pink color Tank top n pink flat Ballerinas(my most fav) and a belt to stop the collar from folding and to define the waist.. n a Vintage Bag .. That matches wid the belt.. not making it odd..!! i kept it simple.. didn't accessorize it much  coz I was dressing up for my classes. odawise wud have been wearing a watch n my fav studs atleast..

I generally prefer no-makeup look for college..but i always wear my lip balm..(VOV , Body shop or Fab-India..) n a moisturizer atleast..

Thats it.. for the day Divas.. see you soon..


Till my next post dont forget to do it as Coco Chanel,
            " I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Confession of the Day..Graphic Tartan

                             Graphic Tartan
Dress it up..  Pant it down.. or just The Chic Poncho ..!! 

Plaids and tartans went big and bold this fall, with designers finding more inspiration from in-your-face rustic weaves than the understated checks of seasons past.. 

 I absolutely love how Kim K has used the same digital print in the dress n the Poncho..( perfect  the escape the chill.. )
The print being different does not make tartans obvious.. but quite Chic  and classy in d dress..which is so Kim.. & the Poncho is my personal favorite ..already looking so warm n chic at the same time..

If opting for Plaids n tartans make sure you sport it a lilall different than usual this it in a different print ..of skirt..dress..pant or Poncho..

So.. this was a quick fashion update.. made real quick.. as m short of time..  submissions n assignments..keeping me busy ....
Thats it for the day Fshionistas..
till my next post.. like I always say..Do it as..
Coco Chanel..-" I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."
                       xoxo- Shaily

Friday, October 21, 2011

Confession of the Day..A quick sneak peak into This Fall's hit trends....

1) Minus the Perfect pair of shades worn by the Kardashian Clan.. I really like the poncho Kim is wearing..!! Poncho have come back with a bang.. n are here to stay this fall..Retro yet stylish.. Boho but Chic at the same time..a must have piece of clothing.. just sport it over any sweater or warmer.. n glam it up wid  perfect accessories..!! n u are ready to rock.. *_^

2) Black blazer is all u need  .. perfect for almost every occasion.. wear it over a dress or pants or over a casual denim n Tee.. just like Pipa...
she wears it for shopping.. and also for a day at the pics below she is seen sporting the same blazer but at different occasions..!!

 3) The Tuxedo Look..with a feminine a must try.. Black n white is the way to go.. with RED lips n that outfit u are ready to Rule ..!!

4)Colored Pants .. in different colors is also a trend that is making its way in the fashion scene real strong.. already a Hit among the celebs ..!! make sure you atleast have one of these ..!!

5) Channel your inner Shaft with coats that reach all the way to the floor. These Duster Coats look impossibly glam, especially when paired with the textured, filmy separates shown on the runway.

6)  From Tron-like athletic Stripes to horizontal Hamburglar patterns, the stripes in the fall collections with bold and graphic.

So.. thats about it Fashionistas.. many more Confessionz to come about fall fashion.. beauty .. hair n skin care.. stay tunned.... been busy with exhibitions but soon gonna unveil my Jewelry Label.."Shaily From Delhi" -by Shaily Khera ..

  Till my next post do it as Coco Chanel.." I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."