Thursday, December 01, 2011

A silly Confession..Winter Madness!! and weird Expressionz..

December 1st , under the weather.. no time to wash my hair.. n this is what i ended up doing with my hair this morning..!! I am just going to let my weird pic do all the talking..!!

(p.s.not to ignore ..i have fever n was also late for my lecture!! so trhis pic was taken in a rush and under unfavorable circumstances..!!so kindly avoid my silly expression..  )

Here i have made a messy bun and to avoid fringes falling on my face( which otherwise I'd love , but my hair were not washed) I have used a black hairband !!
n this was easy n looks cute too!! and to my surprise this hairdo got me compliments..!! *_^

Sumtymz such experiments turn out great! well in my case today! Yes..!!
  I would  like to thank Yukta for the amazing photography( for catching such weird expression n clicking me in such a weird pose..) also Jasleen..!! I always forget to thank her .. she has clicked sum of my best pics,,!! 

Going to end it with my fav Coco Chanel's quote ," I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."

                                                  xoxo- Shaily

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