Monday, December 05, 2011

Confession..of a lazy Monday afternoon wid MOM..

My backyard..invaded by the weather.. Fall..

Its December .. n In Delhi its normal for anyone to spend their afternoon in bed wrapped in a Quilt and wearing the most comfortable, lose yet warm clothes.. n excuses to spend that extra minute in the bed..holding the hot coffee mug till the last drop..  weekend Barbe-ques sumtimes in weekdays.... u can write names n make hearts on the glass windows coz of fog.. body ache .. running nose.. and as common as eating pea nuts in the sunny afternoons here in winters..Faking the air outta ur mouth as cigarette smoke..
You switch on the television to know that there is a recent snowfall in Shimla. Oh! That's why it's so chilled out here. You wish you could have changed the direction of the Himalayas or atleast the course of your holiday.
I am sure most of us( Delhities ) r going to agree to this..
 I heard  in a movie ..  -An Affair to Remember, "Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.  " and I couldn't agree more..

Lost in the memories my Mom caught me in the Backyard this afternoon.. n clicked Me on my insistence..  N m not sorry for looking shabby ..coz its winters.. n I am a Delhite ..   

 I am wearing-( blue hoodie- bought it during my grad days from a stall in Kamla Nagar.., tights- Kappa, footwera- fit flops..)

More confessionz to come.. till then do it as Coco Chanel-" I dn't do Fashion.. I am Fashion"

                                                                     xoxo- Shaily


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