Friday, December 02, 2011

whats your favorite hairdo this winter..?? i like my hair Messy!! see how i get this look..

Most people think Messy is Easy.. though they rhyme but that doesn't mean it is taht easy.... Messy  is difficult to manage n hard to maintain.. But I am gifted with natural curls..!! and I simply love to Flaunt them..
Though I got bored with them sumtym back...and went for hair therapy( permanent straightening) n since then I have been waiting for my beautiful curls to grow back..

 I Miss my old blond Curls..!!this is me in my Graduation Days..( here my hair are short.. n have straight bangs on forehead..)

But today.. my hair have sum  length.. n are half curly .. half straight..( coz the roots have grown..n straightening is almost gone..)!! n i like them like that..!! I still keep front fringes straight.. n rest of my hair all messy..!!

And to get this smooth to touch yet messy look.. i follow the following steps.. 

* I wash my hair with-Schwazrkopf 's Time Restore Shampoo.. (make sure the water is not too hot or too cold.. as our hair anyways bear so much heat during the day.. n even during styling..)

* After the head wash I towel dry them  n make sure that there is no do water dropping from them( coz too much moisture already will not let the conditioner or mask work on ur hair.. as there is no direct contact)..then I apply - Body Shop's Hair Butter..for4-5 mins.. and then rinse it off..

* let your hair dry naturally.. or else us can just use a dryer on the front bangs if only u r in hurry.. but the temperature shud be medium..n keep the heat away from the roots to prevent damage..

* I use this comb even when i apply the hair butter ( it evenly spreads it).. n before styling the bangs when they are wet... as once the styling is done u cant comb hair much.. coz it ruins the messy look.. (thats the secret tip to keep the look combing opens the curls) so let ur hair take their shape naturally

* Before using the straightener is use  Schwarzkopf's heat protection styling prevent my hair from the damage..

* I Use a Chaoba hair straightener on my Bangs  n crown area..!!

* Last but but most important thing i do is I apply Osis Magic.. it makes my hair soft as silk.. and add luster..

* To finis the look.. i use Velcro Roller ..they  give sum bounce n shape to the crown area..!!

Other things I follow in my hair care routine..

* I Shampoo my hair like 3-4times a week..
* I make sure i apply Olive Oil( Figaro) or Baby hair oil over nite or atleast an hourbefore washing my hair.. as it makes up for all the harsh styling and heat..
* I don't skip my deep conditioning or hair spa appointments.. thats sum effort u need to make if you love your hair..
* I apply Osis Magic Serum atleast Once a Day.. for the shine n luster..
* I try n Hyderate myslf wid cocnut water when I m out.. its gud for hair n skin.. plus its a healthier substitute for cold drinks n mock-tails..
*I keep myself well hydrated at home n try n include some green veges in my food..

This Post is based on my experiences n views.. your opinion might differ on a lotta stuff.. feel free to comment n add our views n tips for hair care.. ^_^

Bye for now.. n till my next post do it as  Coco Chanel -" I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."
                                         xoxo- Shaily


  1. I have never tried body shop conditioners but I have the wooden comb and its soooooo awesome!!! btw, how do you use the comb on wet hair??? Doesn't it affect your hair???

  2. it really helps to detangle my hair.. coz curly hair shud not be brushed ore combed later.. it spoils the look.. n its a myth that you shud not comb wet hair.. I apply hair mask and comb them helps detangle and spread the mask from roots to the ends evenly..

  3. nice... have been thru rebonding woos too :( my hair have becum thin :( and i truely regret the chemical process i had my hair go thru


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