Saturday, March 24, 2012

Divo Event with the Delhi Divas..!!

I know I am a little late..But I have been dying to share this with all you ladies..what fun I had with my fellow bloggers at the "Divo and Healthkart" event last Saturday..............

On my way to the event..I had a tough time figuring out the way though but it was FUN

Delhi Bloggers were invited to share hair-styling tips.. and learn self-hair-styling  .. And thats not it.. the expert hairstylist also told us .. how important it is to know your face-type and have a hair-cut/style according it it.. and that's where most of us go wrong.. we see people with front Bangs.. and want them..later get them and regret coz we look crazy..
See ..what we need to do is.. Know our face-type..I have a face that's between square and that makes it huge and i could never cut my hair like Kajol(K3G) when i was a kid.. coz I have crazy ,fizzy ,stubborn ,curly hair..Not even the front bangs in college.. when they were the "IT Thing" you know what I am talking.. rite? so , its very important to have the rite hair-style or cut for your face.. like now i have grown my hair length and have few layers and bangs in the crown area and front.. To tone my cheeks down and make my face look soft and slim.. and trust me it took me years to come to peace with them coz I hate my hair back then.. But now I just can't get over them.. by the way to know more about my hair care regime now.. you can click HERE
So.. now I guess I am done talking.. and I am gonna let pictures Talk.. these are the ones from Healthkart's Picasa  web and from The Delhi Fashion Blogger 's Blog..
and I just forgot to mention the food was YUMM  *__*

Bloggers doing my face analysis and yippiee I had the perfect hair-cut/style according to the Expert.. *_*

Ladies from Divo and Healthkart talking about their product and services..

The tools / magic wand

Excited Me,next to Me- Srish , Komal's friend and Komal


self blow-drying tips..

Komal's hair being scrunched for a messy look..

The Delhi Bloggers..( can u notice Komal's Messy wet look..)

Like I said.."Yummy Food" my fav Chinese..

and the food was followed by these mouth-watering Cupcakes..!!(and they have DIVO written on them..Just so cute..)

and some more tips on accessorizing your hair..

and some more tips..

Me styling my hair wid a floral Tiara..(i loved how i looked on my hair.. and this acc. to me is my Cutest Pic ever.. too much self-praise rite.? lol :p )

all the Bloggers were given this Goody Box full of Divo Products.. (I am gonna share the stuff probably in their product review )



  1. Lovely pictures..!!
    your headband looks so cute^__^

  2. Love your cutesy dress and you look so sweet !!

    Hey you are tagged :) Check out my latest post !!

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  3. Looks like a great event and you looked super cute! :)

    ∞ © ∞

    1. Aww! thanks Tanvii :) and it was super fun..!!

  4. Floral Tiara look pretty on you .. u had super fun ..wish I was there in delhi :)

    1. Hey! tnx.. I loved it too.. and soon come to Delhi.. we'll catch-up..!

  5. Looks like you had loads of fun! Super cute <3


  6. Shaily I absolutely love what you're wearing here!

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