Thursday, December 18, 2014

Style Edition: Fashion Trends That Need to Die in 2015

First, the disclaimer: Not every trend that you see on this list is inherently "bad." I like some of them, I really do. Unfortunately, everyone- from street-style stars around the world to the actresses and the fashionista sitting next to me in the salon- has been wearing them. I'd like to see something else in 2015, something fresh that we all are going to over-do to death and bury as we move forward to the next fashion year. But before that happens, let's remember all the trends that we trespassed in 2014 and mourn in silence for a minute, because they made as Fashionable to the T.

It's time to bid adieu to the following fashion trends, till they plan to reappear in the future sometime..

  1. Culottes: I am not a pirate, PERIOD. Okay! No kidding. These high fashion gaucho pants were seen almost everywhere. The really made it to the 'IT Trend of 2014', but sadly for me  they were too popular for liking. It's striking and recognizable silhouette, and the fact they were seen everywhere are enough reasons for it to rest during the next fashion year.
  2. Poufy Midi Skirt: These reminded us of the 50's and the ballet dancers. I personally find them very costume(y), and tricky to style. But we can still do midis sans the tulle, gathered seams and unflattering box pleats around the waist. 
  3. Ear Jewellery: After midi-rings fad slipped on faster than one could say "Midi", this year, the most popular accessory was the ear cuff. From aggressive metal ones to the explosion of candy-crush-saga when they were the jewelled kind, ear cuffs seem to be sliding on everyone's ear lobe. The second earlobe is itching of attention and it's time we give studs a try. I sincerely miss the days when statement necklaces were the coolest thing ever.. let's layer em up!
  4. The Expensive Sneakers : Gone are the days when sneakers were just meant for walking or running. With Sports luxe becoming a major trend, sneakers seemed to be everywhere in 2014. I totally get why people shell out for gold hardware Python CĂ©line slip-ons, but I don't get the point behind buying Adidas, Nike and Vans with marginally better materials, and an astronomically more expensive price tag. Why? 
  5. The Normcore : The sudden attraction towards a pair of distressed acid wash denim, Birkenstock or the lose white T-shirt during the last year was understandable. We all needed a break and street-style came to our rescue. But wearing all the normcore staples together looks more lazy and less fashion.
  6. The Kardashian/JennerSignature look: Let's give them a break and not break the internet doing what they do! The body hugging Nudes and lip injections are done to death. At this point, it kind of feels like watching the same episode of the reality series starring the family. 
  7. Side Cutouts: Below the waist, above the waist, under-bust or below the back zips, we saw clothing labels have put them in all the fishy places. let's just say, 'been there, done that.'
  8. Temporary Metallic Tattoos: I am already tired of these cool tattoos. They somehow reached everywhere so fast. What about jewellery that you can actually wear and take off without using a scrub brush or baby oil.

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