Thursday, June 21, 2012

After a Long Time..# Surprise #OOTD

Last few weeks have been hectic and busy.. so much that I didn't even post a single outfit post on the Blog. Have so many outfit post pictures waiting in the USB.. But I am still figuring out the way the be regular on my Blogging and College assignments.. With First year Of my M.Sc. In Fashion and Technology ending soon , I have a gazillion submission deadlines and a College Fashion Show(which is by the way, delayed by a month..!! disappointing much.. I know !!..) .

Alright..!! So , The purpose of posting this outfit post before the ones shot much , much before is..  the New Hair Makeover.. YES!! I have COLORED MY HAIR.."LIGHT BROWN" like finally..!! and still adjusting to them.. Some people say.. I am totally #Nuts to have done that.. and some can't stop raving about how #Good they look.. Some say..'' Baal kharaab ho jayengee" and some real friends are like" Ganjii ho jayegii.." (that means..I'll go Bald ;p ) . But I know, I take really good care of them .. like Oil them without fail before head wash.. Use a shampoo that's mild on hair.. use Natural Products as much as possible.., Keep myself Hydrated.Though I am still struggling with sleep.but I am sure it'll all be fine once I am done with exams *__*
(Read more about my hair care routine and few tips on the same -Here & Here )

I was heading out for Shopping with MOM.. and I thought this outfit would be very Comfy and Best to Beat Delhi's Heat.. and I am really sorry for being Missing from the Blogging Scene .. But I have a lot of #OOTDs to make up for it.. Stay tuned ..!! <3

I am wearing-
Tank : Ginger; Lifestyle
Vest : Thrifted
Demin : 109F ; Shoppers Stop
Flats : Bata( DIYed)
Bag : Some Boutique ; Kamla Nagar
Watches : Aldo Accessories
Sunnies : Tommy Hilfiger ( Gift to self.. this Birthday)
Spike Rings :  Forever21
Bracelets : Forever21, Flea Market..



  1. Tangerine love <3 <3 <3

    Your floral strap watch is my favorite of all.
    Where did you get the vest from?

    Great outfit post ;)


    1. hey Apura!
      Watch is from Also Accessories and tank is from some stall in Kamla Nagar..!!

  2. I love the polka dots on your vest and the hair looks nice on you Shaily!

  3. I love the outfit. Casual and pretty. Love the bag... the colour and the style. Seems like you go to Kamla Nagar a lot. Meet me up sometime. :)

  4. I liked the watch with floral belt!
    super cute!
    And you look good!

  5. love the hair :) you are looking fab!!

  6. You look SO pretty. :) Your hair looks amazing!

  7. Hey girl, glad to see that you are back to posting. You're looking great with the new hair-do, kudos to you for making that difference! Good luck with your assignments :)

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  8. Hey Shaily, great post! Love what you did with your Bata shoes..Could you please share the DIY tips on how you did it? I have a similar pair of shoes and not sure what to do with it!


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