Sunday, August 19, 2012

3mik – Share and Discover Interesting Stuff is an online platform that aims to bring sharing and discovering interesting stuff between people. People can share stuff which can vary from jewellery to food to toys to clothes to handicrafts to art to gadgets to home interiors to travel to cars to fashion accessories and much more which they encounter.

It also unravels a whole new platform for finding such products for people interested and enables communication amongst people interested in similar stuff. For example if you are interested in buying a cushion cover you can search and find various designs and see where they are available or listed which can be an online store or a blog or a mall or a shop in your locality. You can also enquire more, or mention any feedback for the product you like. also enables people to follow and network with users whom they like and share similar interests.
Users looking for specific stuff can post online and find out where these can be found from the community.  is founded by Saurabh and Rajeev who were batchmates at IIT Kanpur, and also have studied at IIM Calcutta and IIM Bangalore respectively and worked with various companies like Infosys, Franklin Templeton, Citrix, and Oracle.

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