Friday, August 16, 2013

ALDO Walk The Runway Contest: Now on Confessionz!

I am sure you guys know about ALDO Walk The Runway Contest already, considering the buzz and the amount of participation entries that ALDO has received, so here is your chance to narrow down the competition, read how??

Haven't participated yet?? Want to live your super Model dream?? Love ALDO Shoes?? 

If the answer to the above questions is YES! then you are at the right place..

ALDO Has given me a special responsibility (sorta Super Power) to Select One Of the 100 winner of ALDO Walk The Runway..

All you have to do is..

  1. Contest open EXCLUSIVELY for the readers of Confessionz of a Closet, so folow Confessionz on GFC (Click on "Join The Gang" on the right sidebar of the blog-->). compulsary
  2. Follow Confessionz on  -  twitter . facebookinstagram
  3. Drop a comment below this post, in this format  (Name, GFC name, Facebook name/ Twitter name/ Instagram Name, email address and describe your self in less than 50 words)
Follow the above simple steps and wait for your surprise..!! Next Big Announcement is due on   September 1st, 2013.. Till then stay tuned..!!

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  1. Full Name: Ms. Vichittra Sirikumar
    GFC Name:Iamvichittra
    Facebook Name: Vichittra S. (Iamvichittra)
    Twitter: @Iamvichittra
    Instagram: Iamvichittra
    Email Address:
    My Story: I'm a Thai-Born Indian living in the enhantingly city of Bangkok, Thailand. I', a typical Taurean. I am just an average girl with an eye for beauty and fashion obsession that seriously strain the limits of my average-sized budget. I have a dramatic love affair with traveling and yes an impulsive over-packer. I'm a gym junkie some period of the month, a dark chocolate fanatic, a big foodie but I can't cook, occasional day dreamer and loves watching reality shows. I'm also a casual photographer and a diva.

  2. Full Name : Bidisha Banerjee

    GFC Name : Bidisha

    Facebook Name : Bidisha Banerjee

    Twitter handle : @bidisha16

    Email Id :

    I am an Indian. I love singing and dancing and enjoying life. I love eating delicious foods and chocolates. I love fashion and beauty. I love photography.
    I also love writing stories.

  3. Full Name : Aorin Shariyari
    GFC Name : aorin shariyari
    Facebook Name : Aorin Shariyari
    Twitter handle: @aorin1
    Instagram Name: Aorin_Shariyari
    Email id :

    I am a Persian-Indian girl with an addiction to nail art and rings. I am a cos-player and a gamer girl. I like to experiment with me looks from dying my hair purple or getting a Rihanna haircut, plus a die hard little mermaid fan (i am a Disney girl).

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  5. Full name:Nishtha Sood
    GFC name:Nishtha
    email id :
    I am an Indian girl, obsessed with everything that is pink and glittery. I am a die hard Audrey Hepburn fan because I think she was perfect with all her imperfection, she was stylish yet she had that look of intellect on her face, she was petite and oh so classy! She was fashion and style personified.
    I love to call myself a street showstopper, because I tend to experiment with my looks without going over the top. You'd normally find me in pyajamas and a spaghetti, and I like indianising my attire a bit, for eg by adding bangles, bindis etc.
    I love music, movies and book and I can talk endlessly on dostoyevsky,kafka and wilde.And yes, I love led Zeppelin <3


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