Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Blogger Confession- Neon Green Sari with a Twist..

Okay ..I have a honest confession here.. I have been dreaming about this whole Outfit since I saw a celebrity wearing a similar Sari at a recent event .. so this OOTD Post is inspired from that pic (not copied)
I am a big FAN of Saris .... and  My MOM is a typical Sikhni and ONLY wears Salwar suits to all the weddings and other occasions.. so there was no hope and source of wearing Sari at home .. But as a kid.. I enjoyed playing leads in almost all the Costume Dramas in school  because of my super amazingly, lustrous ,long curly locks and a Face that reminded my teachers of some Goddess or Princess evrytime they were casting for a role.. that's how I wore those Banarsis , Kangivarams , Patolas.. for school dramas.. (mind it .. all these saris were arranged by my teachers.. some of them even were their own.. coz my mom doesn't wear them)  and then obviously on Teacher's Day and Farewell..(again had to borrow from my cousin and auntie )

But just a few days ago ..In a raid of my Mom's closet I found this Sari ..which was a gift..and had been laying there for years.. and here it is now.. Draped on Me *__^ I wore this Neon Green Sari with a Twist.. I combined it with a Sheer Blue Shirt (as a Blouse) to Color-Block ,traditional Golden jewelry and a side waterfall braid..

[ I am wearing- Sari: Mom's ; Blouse/Shirt- Thrifted ; Watch- Aldo ; Bangles-G.K ; Cuff- Splash ; Ring-Forever21 ; Earrings - Forever21 ..]

Outfit Inspiration --

P.S.- Feel free to share your opinion in the comment box below..as this outfit was a BIG Experiment..

( I participated in a styling Contest organised by Wills Lifestyle.. click HERE
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  1. Hi gorgeous <3
    I absolutely love the way you've done this look. You look stunning in Indian wear - Love you tonnes :*
    PS: Those earrings & watch are to die for !

  2. wowww..love it all. I specially love the second picture from the top.:)

  3. Omg !! your close up picture can take anyone's heart away !!
    and your earings feel like stealing them. Most important I loooveeeddd your outfit specially the colour of saree :D Lovelllyyyyy

    1. haha! Mukta I am blushing rite now.. :)

  4. Replies
    1. I was just waiting for this.. Thanks :)

  5. My first time visiting your blog, must say this is such a stunning look. You look drop dead gorgeous. Love the green and blue combo, suits u very well. Very very well styled look.
    Fashionopolis By Amena
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    1. Thanks for stopping by.. I am glad u liked it :)

  6. You my girl have totally rocked this outfit. I absolutely love it!
    P.S You have a very pretty face there Shaily!

    1. Aww!! tnx Shayantaniiii.. u always say the sweetest things.. :)

  7. i only have this to say -- MY SHAILY BESTEST!!

  8. Just came across your blog from InFB and your blog is lovely! Love how you wore the sari ! In fact love the entire look! Don't think anyone could do it better than you did! :)


  9. hi!
    i've just discovered your lovely blog!
    you have an awesome style, love what you've done with the green sari!
    i would love you to visit mine and follow if you like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,

  10. Loving the vintage feel and you still look so chic.
    I heart this entire look

  11. love the look.. you look super pretty :) Totally inspired by ur outfit. will try it for my friend's engagement this week :)

  12. Absolutely love the look. :]
    You look very pretty.

  13. Ok. WOW! Shirt as a blouse?? That is so innovative! A very bold choice of colors too!
    I think I need to try out a shirt as a blouse!

    ♥ www.thegirlatfirstavenue.com

  14. Aah! Sonam Kapoor never fails to inspire...does she? But I must say that I LOVE your take on her look!!! :)

    1. Thanks.. I am sure its the Gemini connection that we share ;)

  15. That's a really cool look. I've been dying to pair a sari with a crochet top/blouse...a la Sonam again :)
    Kudos.. you pulled it off with elan.. in true surd style! :)


  16. Great Sari, love it! Love the way you styled it with the earrings and everything

  17. I love your sari and the way you wear it. You rock it more than Sonam Kapoor.

    ❤ Fabulous Little

  18. Hi,

    Nice blog and very beautiful collection,thanks for share it,
    its helpful for every one.

    salwar kameez

    1. :) I am glad you find it useful .. Thanks so much :)

  19. Dude, you did it better than Sonam Kapoor!
    I had this pic of hers in my inspiration list for a while now, but you rock the neon saree!

    Lots of love,

    Shubhi's Revels!

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  48. Great color of Sarees, love it! Love the way you styled it with the jewellery and everything.


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