Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some of My favorite looks from Tommy Hilfiger's Goa Launch..

Tommy Hilfiger recently launched their another store in the most Exotic Beach destination in India, Goa..
And ..as I could spot a few best dressed people there.. I thought , I'd share it with my readers.. 

That's Bina Ramani.. I love how she Clubbed a Sheer white Kaftan Tunic with a white Maxi Skirt..flip-flops..and with those Coral earrings..She nailed the look.........the whole look is just so Goa ..easy..comfy and Boho..

I personally follow the rule-"When in doubt, wear White" and Dj Aqueel made a statement with the White Shirt and amazing music.. love his easy to go Goa look..

Sarah Jane Diaz, PERFECT is the word for this look.. I would personally style myself like that (now all i need.. those abs.. sigh!! ) 

Interestingly.. all of the people above have one thing in COMMON .......that's WHITE .. I think I have a serious crush on Color "White".. and  I know what color I need to wear for College tomorrow *__^ .. that reminds me of a Blog post I read by "Fashion Bombay" girls..--"The White Collar" read it HERE ( I personally loved it..its very useful and a Bliss for DIY lovers..)

P.S.-I know..I said that..I am going to stay off from the Blogsphere for a while.. I guess it didn't happen :p But I really need to complete my assignments.. I shall apply that rule from Tomorrow.. 



  1. I totally follow the white rule. If I ever don't know what to wear, my white shirt is always there. And Sarah Jane looks so pretty!

  2. hey......have an award for you in my blog...

  3. followed da white rule today itself !
    saw ur blog on sweet & bitter's award list..

    following u now..would love if u follow me too ! :) :)


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