Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Memory that I Cherish.. ^__^

I know its beyond LATE to share this with you all.. But..yes..!! Last year December 18th I was invited to IILM 's ( Lodhi Road , Delhi ) Annual IT Fest as one of the JUDGE for the Fashion Show, which is the most awaited Event of the whole Fest..  and immediately said "Yes" when I got a call from this college's organizing committee.. Such an HONOR..!!

 I was Honored to be a Part of the Judging Panel..!! Its a Memory that I Cherish..!! 

The feeling is beyond words when you are recognized for your work.. I am sure you people know what I am talking about.. *__*

Here are some pictures from that day.. and mind you people!!.. this is Me ..5 months and few killos ago..  *__^ 
( click at them if you doubt me :p )
With the winning Team.. and that's Me in the Center with the other Judges..

this is IILM's Fashion show Team..



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