Monday, July 02, 2012

High on Cocktail..!! #OOTD

Okay.. so I am breaking in between the OOTD's from Rajasthan Fashion Week because I couldn't wait to Post this one any long..I have been thinking of doing, Celebrity Look Inspired Post.. and this post is my First attempt.. I am actually Nervous and Excited.. *__*
Since the time I saw ''Deepika Padukone'' in the Promos of Movie,'' Cocktail''..I wanted to do a"Steal Her Style" post.. and This Post is INSPIRED by "Deepika Padukne's" New look from the same movie..

P.s.- I am wearing absolutely NO MAKEUP ( just a tinch of peach lip balm) in case I am looking Drained or Sick :p I Blame it on the Delhi Heat .. 
To get Her Messy Hair Look.. I tied up my semi dried hair  into a Choti ( braid )over night, after the head-wash and I applied the Magic hair Portion Called "Moroccan Oil" on my hair, before tying them..
Next Morning I woke up with these naturally wavy , messy hair.. To finish the look, just comb the front bangs and use a flat iron to style them ( like I did) and apply some hair Serum ( I applied Moroccan Oil again ) so the hair don't look frizzy or dead..

To those.. who haven't noticed.. I am just wearing one earring.. :p

These are My favourite Neon Green Chappals( flipflops) from Catwalk.. Grabbed them a year ago ..while was in Bombay..
The Tassel Chain is a #DIY that I did few days back.. 

I am wearing-
Blouse - Thirfted ( last worn HERE )
Palazzo Pants - Thrifted
Footwear - Catwalk
Bag - Some store in Janpath, Delhi
Earring- Bg's
Chain - Customized ( if you want a similar one you can write in to me.. here-
Rings - Forever21 and
Cuffs - Forever21 and Bg's 

Hope you Girls like the post and the concept.. 
If you want me to continue with the 'Steal Her Style' posts on the Blog drop a comment..Send me your feedback through comments in the comment box below for any suggestion , request or query.. you cab write to me here- I'll be Happy to Help. *__*



  1. you are so pretty.
    i am in like platonic love with you *_*

    1. haha! I am blushing.. thank you so much :)

  2. You rock the look, Shaily! Beautiful and classy!

  3. Even I love deepika's look in cocktail. And you have copied her so well with your own touch, loved it :D Keep the section going :D

  4. love it :) keep it coming!!!

  5. awesome post ,,, you are looking so pretty, do agree with you all looks of deepika in cocktail are worth stealing,, so waiting for the movie. i loved your DIY


  6. the wavy hair and those pants are a steal :)
    i want same :*

    1. thank you Bulbull !! The pants are all over Sarojini and Janpath in Delhi

  7. wow you are a rock star ! want more of this segment :)

    Bong's Belleza

    1. Sure.. I'll be back soon with another post.. thanks..

  8. hiii keep these steal her style coming love them...

    btw where do u buy moroccon oil from..??

    1. thank you Tannima..I'll be back with another post soon..
      the moroccon oil I bough is from Affinity Salon Delhi

  9. Love the look Shaily! Gosh you look better than Deepika! <3 those pants!
    P.S do more of these looks!

    1. That's too high of a compliment .. thanks .. I am happy u liked it :)

  10. You could improve on your posing. Look kind of odd.

  11. hey shaily! your blog is pretty awesome! :) you have done a fab job with the palazzos! and dude, you are very pretty :D.
    and you mentioned that these pants are thrifted, i am assuming these are from gk m block? coz i also got similar bird print palazzo pants from there and i generally found the quality of palazzos in other street markets like lajpat pretty low as compared to gk.


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