Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coz a Girl can never have enough Shoes..!!

Apologies for being MIA.. Have been lazying around at home and catching up with friends lately.. Well, that's about me.. also, these days I have fallen in LOVE with Loafers and Flats.. have been Instagraming and sharing my favourites every now and then.. Here are some of my favourites..

This one is Deadly Gorgeous !! I am in LOVE with these..

Sorry for bad quality Image.. These are from Catlwak.. I am sure al lot of you have seen them..

These are Green loafers that I wore to Indian Fashion Summit

These need no intro.. I wore them to this Wills India Fashion Week SS'13 Day3

I am not an avid follower of Latest Trends and FAD but the concept Fashion is all about that..rite?? So, every now and then I keep incorporating them with my personal style.. That's My Style.. always wanted something in Spikes.. and when I saw these Babies.. immediately bought them.. More on My personal style ,Latest Trends, events in the upcoming posts.. Stay tuned !


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