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Beauty Edition: 2014's 10 Beauty trends that need to DIE in 2015

First of all, Disclaimer: All the beauty trends mentioned in this list aren't bad, some of these are my personal favourites. But everyone from a Runway-model to a girl-next door, Fashionistas on the street to famous tv reality stars- have been seen overdoing it to death. 2015 should be about setting all new trends,fresh looking faces and effortless hair. The list below is prepared keeping in mind the same. Let's first thank these 2014 beauty trends that made us beautiful throughout the year and welcome these new 2015 trends with our arms wide open: 
1. In the face: Kardashian Contouring- 2014 was all about heavy contouring, 2015 is about subtle contouring. This'll not only give you more natural outcome, but will also gives your cheekbones a more subtle lift. 

2. Fan like Lashes: Falsies- Amping up the lash factor is a sure-shot way to draw attention to your eyes. But let's face the fact, it looks fake and fan like. I admire Huda Beauty's dedication( addiction) to falsies, I really do! but it's 2015, it better be fuss free. Surefire way to attain sexy big eyes is to layer mascara or by using individual falsies / cut the faslies half and apply it to the outer ends. 

3. Overdrawn Lips: Kylie Jenner's Pout- This Jenner pout is a blessing for people with thin lips, but if you are happy with your pout then this is not the trend to follow for 2015. Lips tints and nude lip balms or pastel shades are the best way to cheat that "luscious fuller lips" look. 

4. Half Shaved Head: The Rebel- Okay! you did it, you rocked it! But it looks ugly when it grows out, and then you go back to shaving that side again. Tired of it? I have the perfect solution, flip your long hair to a different parting that covers the half shaved side, while it grows out. And for people who want to attain the similar look can curl their mane for volume and part them side ways. Use pins to lock the other side or cheat the look by making a concealed pony covered under the length. 

5. RIP Insanely Long Extensions- Go short this 2015- Unless you are Victoria Secret's model or Bunny at the Playboy Mansion, this trend is not for you any-more. It's old and this year is all about freshness, what better than a long bob, rite? Take a hint from Taylor Swift and Emma Stone. 

6. Thick Brows: Boxy Pinterest Brows-During 2014, Deepika Padukone and Kardashian's taught us how to rock sharp thick brows. Overly-filled, squared off at the beginning, defined arch and pointy end, looks like they were drawn on with a stencil. STOP! It's 2015 brows should look feathery and lightly filled, they leave you looking fresh and youthful, rather fake and drag-queen(y). 

7.  Purple/Teal/Blonde: Coloured Hair/Ombre- : 2014 saw Kylie Jenner's Teal Ombre, Nicole Richie's lavender locks or the Fashion Police host, Kelly Osbourne's purple locks. 2015 is about Baliage( painting on highlights for a more natural, sun-kissed finish that grows out beautifully) is back, proving to be the prettiest way to color your hair or any other subtle color. 

8. Stiletto Nails: Eagle Talon Tips-  Almond shaped nails need to stay in 2014, be it in color or nude.  In  2015, file your nails neat in their natural shape for a more natural and clean look. 

9. Overly Bronzed and Highlighted look- 2015 feels like the perfect time to stop shining spotlights on your face with excessive highlighting or bronzing. Beyond Bronzed skin makes you look like you have been stuck on a tropical island for years without SPF, so go a little light. To highlight rite, use concealer a shade lighter than your own color or a pink/ rose gold tone highlighter depending upon your skin tone. Or, better yet, skip any kind of highlighting for a gorgeous" I woke up like this" look. 

10. Dark Goth Pout: Black Lipstick- Dark colors are difficult to pull off , Bravo! if you did it, but 2015 is about berry lips which compliments all skin tones. 

Edited & Compiled by: Shaily Khera

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