Saturday, October 01, 2011

Confession of the Day -A Fashion Tip - Trick them with that perfect dress.. *_^

      At my College Fashion Show!! 

M wearing--l Dress- Delhi to London, Kamla Nagar l shoes-nude wedges from Neutralizerl Watch- Aldo l Jewellery- Silver studs , Handicraft store,Sun n Sand, Mumbai..,Silver rings-my own collection..l makeup- Inglot l
This look fetched lot of compliments that day.. who sayz u need to be size -zero to wear dresses .. All you need to know is what silhouette suits ur body-type the best .. rite cuts , silhouettes and colors does the magic.. A women needs to know her it and understand what suits it the best.. every body has imperfections.. and we need to learn the art to hide it...! ;P
That's what you call the" Art Of Dressing.."
Like if you have a really nice n curvy waist.. highlight it with a dress that defines your waist and highlights it.... For the bodytypes like me..that is if u r slightly on the chubbier side..always wear hour Glass Silhouette ..(tight from your waist )
 Types of Silhouettes that can help you find that perfect Dress..

Ball Gown: A great dress for petite, full-figured, pear shaped, and thin women. This dress is usually very full and Cinderella-like. The dress flares out at the waist (example below).

Empire: A great dress for petite women who do not have a definite waistline. This style is not recommended for women who have an hour glass figure. This type of dress is where the waist line is raised above the natural waistline. In the pictures below the waistline is right below the bust. This is not unusual in empire  type silhouettes (example below).
A-line: This gown can be worn by all body shapes. This dress tends to be fitted at the top and then flares out towards the bottom, creating an A-shape (example below).

Princess: This gown can be worn by all body shapes. However, the princess cut can have panels that are in the dress. This style is very similar to the A-line silhouette, however, it has vertical panels that run from the neckline to the hem creating a clean lined look (example below).

Sheath: This dress is a great choice for thin women. This style is not recommended for short or full figured women. It tends to hug the womans figure and has a defined waist (example below).
Mermaid: This dress is a great dress for women who would like to display their curves. The dress is very fitting all the way down to the hips and then begins to flare out. This dress is not recommended for short figured women (example below).


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