Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you scrap ur ill-fitting denim jeans :( ?? not anymore!! *_^ ..

  Hate those Ill -fitting Denim Jeans in your wardrobe??.. :(                                         
                         Not anymore :) 

        **Don't throw them!! I have an idea  :)**    

Recycle them .. !! *_^

       **************How?? *************

      **Take a look at my picture below..**

.. Ripped Jeans ^_^ Once a Sign of Poverty, then a Symbol of Rebelliousness, but now Fashion Statement..~_~ which rulled the Fashion scene from 70's -90's.. and are back with a Bang ..!!

My Ripped denim jeans.. that I wore yesterday for college..

 As I always say,"Every shopping has a reason.. and every outfit has a story..its a mystery and we being women are on a mission it find it and solve .." In the picture above you can see me wearing a Ripped Denim Jeans..This Lee denim.. I wanted to through badly a few months ago.. n now can't imagine my wardrobe without one.. This one has sum serious history.. I bought these last year when i was in Mumbai.. from the biggest sale season of the year(July)..and like a shopaholic i was looking for just anything to swipe my card for.. and i found these on a rack , as if these were just made fr me.. as if they have just been waiting for me..
But as the feeling of Yayy!! I did shopping ..sinks in .. n you realize wtf did I do with my money.. :( likewise ,I realized O_o what a waste of money it was.. and suddenly I was hate everything about my denim :( .. from color to fit (the fitting part was actually rite.. it didn't fit me properly.. like it was borrowed..or is from my fat school days..) and I could not stop cursing my idiot friend ,who made me believe that I made the best decision.. just to get rid of another shopping spree wid me (typical guy)..
So, here is the real story.. 2 months back I got my knee bruised by not seeing  a big pit in front of me and falling in the same ); (clumsy Me.. typical Gemini).. after an injection and a few days of bed-rest.. i cud not dress up I usually do.. so I Decided to Rip my old Levis.. for a visit to Gurudwara Sahib..where I cud not(obviously) dress up in shorts..Then it was a simple Horizontal Cut on the Knee area of my denim..with a scissor n blade ..Its when I Realized wearing them is not bad at all.. infact they look really nice wid sporty Tee's and tunics..(all u hv to do is accessorize them well).. 
Later, when I ws just about to giveaway the lee(the one I am wearing in the pic above) I thought of ripping it Vertically between thighs and knee area of the in  parallel lines (to avoid attention from my thunder thighs ;p  )..And it turned out to be quite a Denim.. ^_^

( I am wearing-- Denim: Lee, Tank-top: sum stall,GK , Halter Top: Pantaloons, Bag:Woodland, Watch:my Dad's, Bangle: Stupid-Cupid, Shades: Vero Moda, Shoes: Shoes n More{Model Town Mrkt} )

*Things to be Kept in mind before buying a Ripped denim Jeans or ripping a Denim jeans-

*have heavy thighs or short height..  never go for a denim ripped horizontally above your knee it gives attention to all the wrong areas..making u look fat and short....go for a simple knee ripped denim..

*Want to give your self a little height with these ripped denim jeans.. go for the ones with vertical -parallel rips between thighs and knee.. only if you can carry these off!!( it shows a lot of your skin.. '_^ )

* never forget  to look for the ripped detailing on the back pocket or side pocket.. for a finished look of the ripped denim..

* If doing it yourself make sure you mark the cuts first and then use blade or scissor.. make the cut slightly smaller than the mark as the lose threads from the cut will increase and expand the size of the cut with time..

* For better result and exact look ,wash the denim after ripping it makes the denim look more natural..and effect is also better..   

Though, Ripped jeans are mostly seen on celebrities or are reserved for designer brands. Ordinary wearers are no longer seen as rebellious , its more of a trend or fashion statement now.. I personally like to wear them to college..
 p.s.- why spend a bomb to buy a ripped denim..your Closet alawys has that one denim you wana thourugh.. use that .. why only wear a boyfriend's shirt or a Blazer when u can also flaunt a Boyfriend's denim jeans from your own Closet.. ~_~ 

My Favorite It-Girl Kim Kardashian is usually  Spotted in Ripped denims jeans when she is traveling ..!!

**Aonther Cute thing you can do with your Old Denim Jeans **
My friend Parul's Sister made this cute Clutch out-off an old Denim jeans.. she used a zip to close one end..n tailored another.. added  colorful buttons  to make it funky and cute.. ^_^


** A little sumthing that you should know about Ripped Denim Jeans.. or just Denim Jeans..**
 Denim Jeans have come a long way since 1870's ..if we look at History of Fashion..Starting in the 1950s, jeans, originally designed for cowboys, became popular among Teenagers..
Then came the unusual .... In 70's People were spotted wearing Ripped..Torn..Slashed Denim Jeans..
Torn denim jeans have traveled a long way in our Fashion History....There’s a lot to learn about ripped jeans by glancing at the Google News archives. Generally speaking, ripped jeans were fashionable in the music crowd from the 1970’s onward, but the masses did not see the style until 1984 or so. Ripped jeans were explosively popular until the very early 90’s where they were put on the back burner..

{* It Girl Madonna among many other Fashionistas , who was seen wearing these Ripped Jeans in 1990's..}

 So, this was another Confession from my Closet.. will be back soon with more ..   ~_~
   Till my next post do it as..CoCo Chanel.. " I don't do Fashion, I am Fashion.."

                                          XOXO- Shaily


  1. guess what shaily. i had an old faded blue denims, out of style but i had bought it since it was at a sale price. i wore it twice n thn ripped to to shorts. rugged n knee length. they look fab ! ;)

  2. I am sure.. :)n thanks for another amazing idea..
    Follow this space for more style n fashion tips..

  3. woooooh!! I love what u did to ur denims!!


  4. nice post..!!!

    chic accessorizer

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