Sunday, September 04, 2011

5 Hot tips for keeping your bag in best condition

5 Hot tips for keeping your bag in best condition.

1. Do NOT pull loose threads. This is the worst thing you can do! Simply burn  the loose thread instead.
 2. Keep it away from the rain. We know this can be hard so if it happens, just wipe away excess moisture and leave it to dry naturally. For quick results stuff it with newspaper to help soak up the water! n also remember to carry carry a few plastic bags (one for your nic-nacks to save them from damage and one to cover your bag..) bur make sure you wipe the water drops off later..
 3. Rub candle wax on the zip. This i...s a great tip if the zip on your bag gets a little stiff, trust us it really works!(specially for your old vintage bags.. if you have them.. best tip to keep their zip working..)
 4. Keep it in a cool dry place away from heat. If you are using your bag on a hot summer's day this can be virtually impossible, however use common sense! Keep it away from any direct sunlight or heat source. Heat can actually cook the hide and cause it to stiffen; the fibres un-mesh and it can crack.
 5. Do NOT keep it in a plastic bag. This encourages the growth of mildew & ruin your bag!, use a cloth bag or a mal-mal cloth to wrap your expensive hand-made or delicate bags n clutches.. doing this would keeps them safe and increase their life..
I hope these tips are of some help to my Fashionistas.. and till my next post do it as ......
        CoCo Chanel-"I don't do Fashion, I am Fashion.."
                                      XOXO- Shaily

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