Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recycle..Restyle..and Re-wear ;-) , Tricks to falunt a tunic in 3 different styles( n more if you want)..p.s-saviour when you are travelling..

                                 Recycle..Restyle..and Re-wear  ;-)
I am sure you don't want to wear your favorite Tee each-time  with that same denim.. or a pair of footwear wid the same dress .. I mean to say.. We all recycle n reuse the same piece of clothing or accessory ..

And..  I personally like to do that.. I try not to repeat a combo again.. like if i m wearing a pink Tee with a pain denim..  I'll probably team that Tee again inside a blazer.. or with a skirt.. n I m telling you ..if you know the trick to dress like this.. its a savior if you are traveling ..(or are short of clothes or suppose to carry minimum clothing)

Like here..I am wearing a  Basic White Tunic top.. with my Mom's patiyala Salwar and pink dupatta..To flaunt this look you can try a neutral color tunic with a colorful harem.. or a nice salwar with a kolahpuri..n bangles.. carry a dupatta if you like.. for a traditional desii look..(which is my hot favorite this season..) in short play with color..coz a basic tunic goes with every color..try hot pink n or green.. (like i did ^_^)


The same tunic I am wearing inside my Dad's Lenin Pants.. To flaunt this look..u can wear a tunic with a high waist pant for a formal look.. nobody 'll ever come to know that its the same tunic u wore with a salwar.. (Tip-try ur dad's pant as a substitute for high waist pant and a nice tote and footwear.. and accessories to go..Super Classy n totally Chic..for reference look at the pic above..) look is totally Boho.. m wearing the same white tunic as a Casual  Dress with a skirt as slip inside and a Denim Jacket.. m also carrying my favorite Orange Tote..Footwear-J&M Connection.. Jewelery.. from my personal Collection ..(picture credits to my MOM for clicking it for Me{and for the patience She Showed }..I Love You Mom.. :-* )

So, thatz how I wore my white tunic in 3 different styles for three different looks.. m sure there is a lot more left to be done with this tunic.. n if you have any ideas or suggestions pls be free to share & comment.. :)

Until my next post ..As I always say do it as Coco Chanel.."I don't do Fashion..I am Fashion.."

                                                   XOXO- Shaily


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