Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Picture Diary 06/09.. afternoon spent in The Gurudwara Sahib..so Serene..peaceful..and soulful..

Afternoon spent at "The Gurudwara Sahib-Nanak Piyau"-serene.. peaceful.. and much needed.. ^__^

Had the most amazing afternoon today at "Gurudwara Sahib-Nakak Piyau" after my classes..
And also I would like to thank Yukta for the amazing tea,cake and paratha's.. : D
 n Mansi for being such a patient and wonderful photographer(though a first timer.. but super.. :-*)

Satya Naam Shree Waheguru..

Serene Sarovar

Jo Bole Sonihaal --Sat Shree Akaal..

Waheguru ji da Khalsa ..Waheguru ji di Fateh..

Baba ji Meer karoo.. Sabda Bhala Karoo

That's how i generally dress up for "Gurudwara Sahib"..i don't like wearing ,western or Indo-western for a temple .. I believe we should follow the traditional dress code.. coz we Indian's dont realize how beautiful n colorful our culture is.. And some times we should embrace our Indian culture .. and being a Punjabi u feel a different love and passion for our language , people, pind and culture I am sure.. all you Punjabi's would agree.. like how we connect coz of our language .. home town n sir-names.. these things might sound silly.. but they really bind us all together in a bond that is inseparable n unexplainable.. and once in a while.. I just like being the real Me..(like I am in the pictures above) that's what makes me feel close to my roots.. ^__^
and I really believe being yourself and being proud of you are is the biggest label you wear .. that outfit or label won't make you pretty .. its your personality.. n your attitude n believes ..build that..

*In the above picture I am wearing a Desi outfit..totally mixed and matched n also some  borrowed from my mom's closet.. ;p
But that's the real fun.. how you find a different new everyday from the same old, old.. ;)

(I am waering-- Green Kurti-Lifestyle, Hot Pink Narrow Salwar-My Mom's ;) , Silver Ruby Earrings- Adarsh Jewelers(Kamla Nagar mrkt), Bag- some shop in Kamla Nagar, Silver/Golden flip-flops- some shop (lokhandwala mrkt), watch- Skagen, dupatta-from the Gurudwara Sahib)

 That sums up my day i guess.. Still have heaps to share with you all.. 

Till my next post.. do it as Coco Chanel.."I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."


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