Sunday, September 02, 2012

My Designer Moment: College's Showcase at The India Fashion Summit 2012

People who follow Me on Twitter and Facebook know that I am a Fashion Design Student and My  label is called 'Shaily from Delhi' -by Shaily Khera ( Okay..!! enough Show-OFF ! :P , now back to the point ). I have been talking about My College Fashion Show since April this year.. It was scheduled on June 16th , but later got postponed and then never happened .So when recently our College 'IIFT' participated in the India Fashion Summit, it was like a dream come true because this event was bigger and better than any College Fashion Show that has ever happened. And Cherry on the Cake was.. My designed Outfit was chosen to Walk the Ramp Twice.. The Faculty liked it so much *__*
The Garment I designed for the Show is inspired from my childhood memories of all the school plays and cultural activities I participated in.. so you'll see coming together of a Oriental Manipuri Garment and an western Ball Gown.

I was working Backstage with the models so couldn't click much pics but I did capture a few shots in Green-Room and Backstage .

I thought I am some Pro Photographer and look what this pic turned out to be 

Watching the show from the Green-Room
Just Before Our Range went on the Ramp.. (L to R) Wandy (wearing My designed Grament , Me and some model who was ever ready to pose.. :P

She was a real CuteHeart to Pose Like that <3

The Aww!! Moment.. 
Rite after the show , all the Student designers were called on the Ramp to accompany our College's Chairman , Mr. Lal.. and Me being Me.. PUSHED everyone aside , held Mansi's Hand and Walked till the Head-Ramp to take a bow :P
Celebrating after the Showcase

After Party . (L to R) Nidhi ma'am ( Director , IIFT ,North-Delhi Centre ) , Mansi & Me
After the whole event was over Mansi and I joined the mob for the MAD Dancing Session . Celebrity Singer Bhuppi was performing his famous numbers and not even a single Firang (Foreigner) was seen sitting. Everyone is the Ball room was Dancing.. Except Our College Faculties.. they said its not correct for them to join students in this MADNESS.. so we made our Director ma'am pose for my camera( Look at the pic above) and then Like Beggars we stuffed ourselves with Food :P

Came back home with a Great Experience and Story to share.. Couldn't control my excitement so spent an hour telling Mom and Dad all about the Event and showing them all the pictures that were clicked though out the Day.. It was surely , One of the Most Memorable Days of My Life..and what made it more Special was the Feeling of Participating in the Summit along with some of the  Eminent Indian Designers like Pam Mehta , Rosy Alluwalia , Amit Talwar , Sumit Sawhney ....(read my last post about the same event Here )


Also, an Outfit Post is coming up soon from the same day, featuring Fellow Bloggers
Stay Tuned



  1. congrats swty..seems u had lot of fun after we left..had a great chit chat over coffee with u...cheers

  2. congratulations....u look very nice love ur outfit :)

  3. o wowdie wow!
    sounds super fun.,
    congrats! time to celebrate :)

  4. This is great!!! Congratulations Shaily! :)

  5. Looks like you had a great day Shaily. Love the glasses & wrist accessories. Congrats on the showcase!
    PS- I'm having a giveaway on my blog, you can win a haircut / spa treatment of your choice, I'd love for you to enter

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