Sunday, September 09, 2012

VOGUE Fashion's Night Out !!

This Friday , Delhi witnessed nation's Biggest Fashion Extravaganza, 'VOGUE Fashion's Night Out'..!!
Unlike, the similar international events of same the stature, this one had a lot missing.. The designers and Organizers were not quiet happy with the response.. surprisingly this time the awareness and publicity was better than the past two years.. I guess we have a long way to go.. But Bollywood's presence kept the Glam Quotient High..!!**

Bollywood debutante Aliya Bhat ( in Shantanu and Nihkil t-shirt, Dior skirt, Shorouk necklace and Louboutions )  with Karan Johar and Anaita Shroff 

She was effortlessly Chic..!!

In Conversation.. Designer Gautam Gupta and Pupul Pachuri (Entertainment correspondent for Fashion and Flick )

And this one is soon to be Blogger.. I Introduce you to Jas Sahota

They ain't need no intro.. Aman and Srish of Style Fashion Etc..

this teenager was excited and shy at the same time to pose for my camera.. Too CUTE she was.. 

OMG !! You too are here..  :p
Pernia's Pop-up Shop
Lets get our hands on Shantanu and Nikhil's T-shirt before they go out of stock!!

Glam is in the details.. 

Oh!1 How I want this Hath-Phool 

Sporting the Moustache trend !!

Wining away.. Our very own Bhawna Yadav from Muse!!
YES..!! Babies too were here.. New Mummy couldn't resist coming.. :P
The long queue outside VOGUE LOVE Stall , it was all empty when I could  finally get in.. 

Another one of our random clicks at Burberry Store 

This was a little Glimpse of that evening.. will be back soon with an Outfit Post from the Night soon..
Till then.. stay tuned !!


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  1. I love the post too much.. OMG i want that cuff with blue and white stones ;P and thanks for indroducing me hun ;)much love to you!!

  2. I want so many of the things I can c in ur post....
    u girls in mumbai n delhi have all the fun....sob sob...

    waiting for ur outfit post..

  3. a lot of bloggers had the same view about the event, that it had a lot missing!!!

    I opted to give this event a miss..going for a more cosier blogger event hosted by hilton was much better and we got personalized care by the staffers there :)

    looking forward to the outfit post :)

  4. kind of like what Pupul is wearing. Is she a jurno?

    1. Recently started my journey as a journalist :)

    2. And,we have something common in between : LSR

  5. I love the post too much.. OMG i want that cuff with blue and white stones ;P and thanks for indroducing me hun ;)much love to you!! vintage necklaces , handcrafted shoes , payal for girls , embroidered bag , embroidered belt , women's leather belts for jeans , belt boots , bracelet


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